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Here is a sample visual extension you can try with SAP Lumira. Think you have what it takes to enter the DataGeek Challenge?


Visualization Extension Setup:

  1. Unzip the contents of the archive to: ####### THE PATH TO PA INSTALL #####\Desktop\extensions\bundles
  2. if the bundles directory is not there, create it
  3. Once daextension is configured, add newsfeed extension to a visualization and storyboard.
  4. You can select format as well as feed type  (Top stories, Most Popular, or Upcoming stories)
  5. There are 3 layouts to choose from (horizontal, vertical, etc) as well as many options to format color, actions, etc, the speed at which it scrolls, etc.

Data Access Extension Setup:

  1. First open your SAPLumira or Predictive INI file and add these 2 entries:
    1. -Dactivate.externaldatasource.ds=true
    2. -Dhilo.externalds.folder=C:\PATH TO YOUR INSTALL !!!!!!  PAY ATTENTION TO THE DESKTOP DIR AS THE ANCHOR \Desktop\daextensions
  2. Save INI file.
  3. If daextensions does not exist create the folder in desktop folder
  4. Unzip contents of into the daextensions folder.
  5. Create new doc. Pick External Data Source.
  6. Select news service entry and click Next -> Create

Download SAP Lumira at

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  1. Christopher Vozella

    I am having some probs getting the Viz Extension working – checked pathing, unpacking, and the like and seems good.  Anyone else have any problems w/ it or suggestions?

    DAE went in fine…




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