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Creating ChaRM Email with mail form

Recently when I started working on ChaRM for SP10 after a gap of almost 1 year. I found now for the emails we need to use mail form rather than our old friend SmartForm. After searching in many places I found there is no document which can give you end to end on how to achieve this. This is my attempt to fill this gap 🙂

Below is the way I achieved this; might be helpful for you all…

1. Create mail form

Run the tcode SM_CRM

Pic 1.jpg

Click on “Service Operations”

Pic 2.jpg

Click on Mail Forms

Pic 3.png

Click on NEW. Fill the info as shown.

Pic 4.png

Pic 5.png

Save this mail form; note that it will not ask you for any transport request.

The attribute context you choose here; will have to be defined in SPRO –> SAP Solution Manager Implementation Guide –> SAP Solution Manager  –> Capabilities (Optional) –> IT Service Management –> Personalized E-Mail –> Maintain Attribute Contexts for Mail Forms

Pic 6.png

You can read this IMG activity document for further details on this. I used this standard attribute.

2. Link this mail form with your action

Now we will tag this mail form with the actions for respective document, here I am showing the details for RFC

SPRO –>  SAP Solution Manager Implementation Guide –> SAP Solution Manager –> Capabilities (Optional) –> IT Service Management –> Personalized E-Mail –> Activate Actions for Personalized E-Mails

Pic 7.png

Or you can navigate till this point from tcode”SPPFCADM”.

Select your Action profile and click on “Action Definition”.

Pic 8.png

Click on Action Definition

Pic 9.png

Select your action definition which sends email.

Pic 10.png

Click on Processing Types, Change the processing parameter and enter your mail form details here

Pic 15.png

Pic 12.png

Pic 13.png

Fill the value as shown above now close it.

Double click on “DEFAULT_SENDER_EMAIL”. Define the sender email address. Then close it and save it.

3. Transporting mail forms

The mail form does not generate any transports. To transport your mail form refer below blog from John.

4. Example templates

For some template on the email you can refer the SAP documentation in solman_setup as below:

Pic 14.png

5. Reference

You can refer below for further details

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  • Hi Smita,

    Nice to see your blog.

    I have some doubt. in my system 7.1 SP11 ,i am not able to find the service request in Attribute contexts .

    I think this is standard, any place to add service request to shown here.

    Please provide some detail on it





    Cool Smita,

    We are trying to change the smartform AI_CRM_IM_SHORT_TEXT_LINK_FORM in action Definition ZMIV_VAR_MAIL (E-Mail to Message Creator)

    The task is to change internal hostname in the URL to the incident to an External DNS Alias.

    Looking af your post I tryed to create a mail form to replace the smartform but I can’t figure out how to get the attribute in the form.

    Can this be used as a replacement for incident action definitions?