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Author's profile photo Brenda Westergren Deimerly

A Release Manager in Vegas

  • The Location: Wish it was Berlin, but going to Las Vegas again.  I am so not a Vegas kind of person.  I don’t drink, don’t smoke, don’t gamble, don’t enjoy nightlife, and I feel it’s too far to get out of town and enjoy the scenery…  (Yeah, the life of the party, I am 😉 )  After going to Vegas several years in a row, I’m a bit sick of the locale (It’s even the same hotel), but at least I feel safe and there are plenty of things to do without even leaving the building, and a nice mall a short walk away.  Plus, I’ll be so busy with the conference I won’t have much time to notice the location.
  • Your Plan: There are only 150 sessions I want to attend (some of them are duplicates), so the biggest part of my planning is narrowing them down.  I have already saved my favorites, downloaded them to Excel, and went through them picking the one session I most wanted to attend in each time slot (I have overlaps everywhere).  Unfortunately, this gave me a narrower view than what I ultimately want.  When the agenda builder is in place, I’ll start trying to balance it better, perhaps by removing some of the sessions that sound similar to sessions I attended last year.  I pick my sessions based on things that I can learn that will help me in my job, either because it impacts my day to day work, or because it helps me understand what other people are talking about so I can have meaningful discussions regarding their options and the risks involved.  My biggest focus will be on the ITM sessions with a focus on Change and Release Management, but also want to learn more about testing and Service Desk/Incident/Problem.  I’m also hoping to learn more about HANA, and the UXP sessions as well (Fiori, Personas, etc.).  And, of course, I always want to stay on top of what’s coming around the bend for Enhancement Packs, Support Packs, and upgrades.  I’m most excited to attend a session with John Krakowski again.  He is always so enthused about the subject matter, and he is so knowledgeable about the stuff I most need to know for my day to day life. 
  • What you’re looking forward to the most:  DemoJam.  The first time I decided to go, I didn’t know if it was a good idea or not.  I’m not a developer, and never even played one on TV.  Now, I’d hate to miss it.  I always thought SAP was cool, DemoJam  showed me SAP could be Cool. 😎 (OK, I admit my inner nerd is showing, but the things they can make SAP do really are cool)
  • Advice for first timers (optional):  Don’t be afraid to quietly sneak out of a session that you don’t feel is a productive use of your time.  If you feel too awkward, try faking getting an urgent phone call/text/email that needs your immediate attention.  😉   Try to schedule some time for lunch, I always forget that.  Keep in mind they stop serving breakfast before you think they should, so get there early (or bring your own) if you want to eat.  Also, they haven’t been giving out bags the past few years, so bring one if you think you’ll need one.

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      Author's profile photo Tammy Powlas
      Tammy Powlas

      This is great advice and good to see that you narrowed your selections down to "150 or more".

      I hope you enjoy Vegas more this time - I don't smoke, drink or gamble, but I do enjoy the gelato and the cheap $8 ride from the airport to the hotel.

      Author's profile photo b westergren
      b westergren
      Blog Post Author

      Yes, I would agree on the gelato.  There are lots of other tasty treats to be found as well.  Plus, I think the conference food is always pretty good to start with.

      Author's profile photo Wence Lacaze
      Wence Lacaze

      Hi Brenda

      Thanks for the advice,  I will love to spend time with you discussing about SolMan and related tools :-). catch me on the fly!!

      Last year we had a great dinner together with @SolManhattan @MonocleSystems @corealm (all SolMan folks ), If we arrange something, I will let you know...


      Best Regards


      Author's profile photo b westergren
      b westergren
      Blog Post Author

      To those who may be interested, I wrote a follow-up blog, listing the hands-on sessions I considered, the ones I ended up choosing, and the reasons why I didn't pick the other ones (including lists of conflicting sessions).  Click here to see it.