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Meet-The-Expert Presentation

Hello everyone,

As some of you were already asking, we have decided to provide the presentation before it gets available in the SAP Market Place in an area called Enterprise Support Academy.

The main content of it were the two KBAs 2056762 and 2057942.

Once the recordings are available we will let you know.



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  • Hi Tiago,

    We have implemented all the notes for Outbound. We don’t use NFE inbound in our organization. In that case do we need to implement notes related to inbound scenario? Please confirm.



      • Hi Renan,

        Where can we find which notes to be implemented? We have implemented around 100 notes for our ECC version 604 and as per the guidelines provided by SAP. I am not sure why do we need to implement notes for NFE inbound if we don’t use that scenario at all? We will use only NFE outbound scenario.



        • Hi,

          If you’re on releases 600-604 you have to implement the notes:

          1547262 – NF-e Incoming Automation: Pre-requisites in ERP

          1977764 (this note will basically enable version 3.10 in ECC from externally received nota fiscais) 

          You need to implement some of these notes because you need to enter invoices from vendors with layout 3.10 and also the code of the ERP has shared pieces with NFE incoming automation, so if you don’t apply some of these notes you’ll have syntax errors.


          Renan Correa

  • Hi Tiago,

    we’re in the process to upgrade the GRC to support pack 18.  my understanding is we have to do this before 09/30/2014, otherwise we cannot send the NF to SEFAZ.  is this correct?



    • Hello,

      No, it’s incorrect.

      September 30th is the deadline for using SCAN ( old contingency system ), it will be deactivated in this date. You can still send NF-e’s to SEFAZ without any change after this date, you’ll only not be able to use SCAN after the date.

      If you want to use SVC ( new contingency system ) then you have to implement at least SP16 before 30/09.

      The deadline to implement NF-e 3.10 is December 1st ( 01/12/2014 ). 


      Renan Correa

    • Hi Li,

      The current layout is valid up to Nov30th. As of Dec1st only the new 3.10 will be accepted.

      The SP of GRC must be at least on version 16, but you would miss several corrections and functionalities that are available with 17 and 18, so the best is what you are planning – go with 18.

      Best regards,

      Eduardo Hartmann

  • HI Tiego,

    We have  2 queries where we need your help.

    while doing BADI implementation for XML tags we saw some descrepency . can you confirm.


    1. No such field J_1BNFDOC-FOREIGNID exist. Which
      note to implement for getting this field?

        2. For the XML generation based on the note 2060171


    XML Tag: idEstrangeiro

    The field is filled according to the
    following order:

    1. 1. the CNPJ (KNA1/LFA1-STCD1) of the
      customer or vendor;
    2. 2. the CPF (KNA1/LFA1-STCD2) of the
      customer or vendor;
    3. 3. the RNE (KNA1/LFA1-RNE) of
      the customer or vendor.


    It is available in the following interfaces


    •   Writer
    •   Mapping

    We don’t find the IND_FOREIGNID in the system.  is there any note for this . we have implmented all teh prequesite notes for NFE3.10 and we are on version 604 SP11.



    • Hi Vivek,

      Field FOREIGNID only exist in table J_1BNFDOC from release 605+.

      To deal with this field in your release you will have to use the BAdI. The fields were introduced with SAP Note 1933985 itself. Please review it.



      • Thanks Tiego,

        while trying to check the sanctity of hte note # 1933985 in our system i used the program provided by sap Z_NFE310DDICSNAPSHOT as per 1995232 – NFe 3.10 – New tool to help with automatic comparison of
        manual steps from note 1933985

        I think  there is few problems with the report that need to be corrected to make it useful .

        1. I dont have table J_1BNFE_EXPORT in my system but still its coming in the report

        2- Description of tables coming incorrectly

        3- Table fields sequnce which is being downloaded by this program is diffrent than the file provided by sap . SAP file has fields sorted in ascending order of field name whether in our system fields are not coming sorted which is making false descrepency.

        Please correct the program so that we can use it.

        Also For the master data fields for version 605 .  Do you think we can fill these  field value using BADI without creating any Ztable or adding the fields to standard SAP table .

        I mean are these fields  cab be calcualted dynamically so that we dont have to store them in z table .

        we are currently goign with an approach where we are adding 605 fields to standard SAP tables via access key . you take on this approach please .



        • Hi Vivek,

          About the program to compare the objects I will kindly ask you to open an incident so we can reproduce understand better the problems you are talking about and then, if necessary, we will make the corrections.

          About your question if it is better to create a Ztable or adding the fields in the standard tables, you should check the best option for your scenario. It depends on how the company did it in the past. We don’t have any guideline about this.



  • Thanks for the reponse Tiago.

    We are done with all teh notes related with NFE 3.10 in our 604 system. and we have few transports.

    transport for outbound notes – T1

    Transport for SAR file 1933985 – T2

    Tranport for config – T3

    Transport for custom code – T4 .

    CAn you tell me what should be our sequence of revtrac . I am usnsure becuase T1 and T2 contains modification to same dictionary objects using SNOTE and SAR file respectively.

    Thanks in advance for your guidance .