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Bookmarking and Personalization

Simulation of the XCelsius Local Scenario Button in Design Studio:

When some of our clients wanted to switch to Design Studio, we had to recreate their  XCelsius dashboards in Design Studio. One feature we really missed was the Local Scenario button in XCelsius. Thankfully, SAP provides Bookmarks and Personalization in DS 1.3.

This is how we used the two new features to simulate the functionality of the Local Scenario button. In XCelsius, this button has options to Save, Load, Delete & Set Default. In Design Studio, Save, Load and Delete can be achieved using the Bookmarking feature and Set Default can be achieved using Personalization. The image below shows the code for each.

XCel to DS.png

One value addition to this is to save bookmarks with the name of the item(s) selected by the user in a related selector(s). This will help the user relate the bookmark to the scenario. This will come in handy when there are multiple bookmarks saved and the scenario relates to user selected values in multiple selectors. Also, since the bookmark is saved automatically with that name, the user is not required to type the value of the selection or some other name while saving the bookmark.

The code below shows how the bookmark is saved with a name based on user selection in the two selectors.



     var a=DS_2.getFilterText(“ZSALES_DISTRICT”);

     var bm1=Bookmark.saveBookmark(a);





     var b=DS_3.getFilterText(“ZSALES_REGION”)+“/”+DS_2.getFilterText(“ZSALES_DISTRICT”);

     var bm2=Bookmark.saveBookmark(b);



Save BK.png

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  • Hi Gowri,

    thanks for sharing that.

    One question: Does this work for you when excecuting the dashboard on Netweaver?

    I only got this working when using local mode but I need this with Netweaver.



  • The bookmark functionality is great but use with Caution, If you make a change to the App in any form the bookmarks will become obsolete and the user will need to create these again. Will get annoying I think 🙂