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Let’s get the C4C education party going!

If you are new to SAP Cloud for Customer (C4C)  and would like to get some hands-on education then we have some great news for you!   SAP Education recently released SAP Cloud for Customer curriculum.    The curriculum covers functional configuration, SDK /development, and  integration (my favorite)! Get all the details at

  • C4C10: SAP Cloud for Customer Project Implementation
    • Goals:  Equip project team members to configure and implement C4C
    • Duration: 4 Days
    • Audience:  Project managers, application consultants, key users
  • C4C30: SAP Cloud Applications Studio
    • Goals:  Empower development teams on SDK for C4C application extensions
    • Duration: 4 Days
    • Audience: Technical consultants, developers
  • C4C50: SAP Cloud for Customer – Integration with On-premise SAP Solutions
    • Goals: Enable technical consultants to configure and implement C4C integration scenarios with SAP ERP and SAP CRM on-premise applications
    • Duration: 4 Days
    • Audience: Integration developers,  BASIS administrators, application and technical consultants

After you go to  select your country.    For example, the picture below shows United Kingdom & Ireland.


Then enter the class code you are interested in, for example C4C50, and you can see the schedule.     You can see C4C50 will be taught in London March 30.


These course are intended for consultants, customers, anyone interested in learning more about SAP Cloud for Customer including hands-on details.   These classes are scheduled globally. They can also be taught onsite specifically for your company.   Please post your questions below or email  if you have any questions or need help finding a class.

Once you have taken the classes and are ready to get certified check out this blog:  C4C Certification

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      • HI Aasim

        We will reach out to them – the last time we talked with them our volumes weren’t quite high enough for them.  But demand is growing so we will reach out to them again. 


        • Hello Ginger,

          This is wonderful to see the sessions summarized for C4C. Sometimes it becomes difficult to take part in the classroom sessions.

          I have the same request as Aasim. If there are C4C10 and C4C30 trainings provided as virtual trainings, it would be more helpful for us to participate in such training. It will also get more interest to go all the way to getting certified as well.

          Please update if there are any such initiatives in the works or such virtual trainings for C4C are already available.



          • Hi Gautam,

            For C4C10/30/50, we only have it set up in the Learning Room in SAP Learning Hub which can be delivered as virtual online learning.  Please watch this video about how to register for Learning Hub.



          • Thank you Geoffrey for confirming that these courses can be delivered as virtual online learning as well. I will register in the learning hub for a slot when we can take this course.

  • Thanks Ginger, each article from you is really helpful. Actually I’m running a C4C implementation in Colombia and we required in an urgent way to atend a Development training so I want to ask you, are there virtual training on C4C? specially development training?

    thanks in advanced!

    • Hi Nikolai

      we are discussing a virtual C4C30 that will be offered for your region  – we’ll keep you posted!   I hope to have more details for you early next week.

      All the best


  • Hello Ginger,

    Any of these courses are available in IN, or whether I can attend any of these courses through virtual class room..

    Thanks and Regards

    Shanto Aloor

  • Hi,

    This is Krishna Mohan, from ERP Logic India.

    We would like to know when will be the sessions will happen for all the said course curriculum C4C10, C4C30, C4C50. As we could not able to find the schedule for the country India.

    Let me know the details..

    Thanks and Regards

    Krishna Mohan.

  • Hi Ankur,

    I am Venkat  from Bangalore and request to let me know also the details about development trainings/sessions on C4C and SAP Cloud studio related, if there are any virtual trainings.

    Please mail me the details :



  • Hi Ankur,

    I am Achyut from Cloudway Softech and request you to let me know also the details about development trainings/sessions in India Local event/Virtual on C4C and SAP Cloud studio related.

    Please mail me the details :

    Best Regards,


  • Hi,

    as a trainer I deliverd C4C10: SAP Cloud for Customer Project Implementation for a customer.

    I managed to get the participants competely up and running with Cloud for Customer. Very good and overall training content.

    Best regards,


  • Hi

    There seems to be no classroom session for India location.. can we attend something which is not from India but a virtual classroom session for some other location is that an option?

    Also when I check the Learning hub I find no relevant course..

    So if we just have to study and give the exam  without attending any sessions to go about it ? I checked the Youtube channel as well the videos are only a couple of them .. is that much enough ?

    Please let me know ..



      • Hi Vanita,

        C4C10 materials is availabl online in the SAP Learning Hub.  You may want to subscribe to learning hub and you will get the complete online c4c10 materials.  Please contact your Education lead as mentioned by Ginger to inquire about Learning Hub. There is a online instructor in the Learning Hub to address your learning questions.



        • Hi Geoffrey

          I am not sure what I am doing wrong if you could please send me a screenshot ..

          I logged into and then clicked on Access SAP learning Hub and then selected Learning content at the drop down on the screen top ..

          After that I typed in C4C10 and clicked on search . yet no luck ..

          Please see below and advise .. if you could send me the steps that will be great .

          Also is this restricted country wise?



  • Hi Ginger Gatling, I am looking for C4C30 course in US.

    We are planning to roll out C4C in next few months.

    I didn’t find any location that offers C4C30 in US. Could you please guide me to a place or a contact where I can get more details on this course?

    I have already sent an email to SAP education/training, US and waiting for the reply.

    Thank you

  • Hello Ginger/Nick,

    Are there any plans to provide online training for SAP C4C through openSAP anytime?

    I would also like to mention that Application Development for SAP Business ByDesign training by Nick is going well & it is very good learning.



    • Hi Matheswaran,

      The OpenSAp that Nick is doing now for byD – it covers similar topics to the C4C30, just not as much detail.

      For OpenSap here is what is going on:

      * The HCPlatfrom class will include 1 week on C4C integrations- this is planned for Oct or so

      * Nick’s class on CAS – this does apply to C4C even though his use cases are ByD for that class

      * SVEN FEURER has developed an overview of C4C course that will be available around September time frame

      That’s where we are  with openSAP.


  • Hello Ginger,

    i hope this is the right place for my question. I am working as a CRM Functional consultant(certified). Which certification is relevant to me C4C10 or C4C50.

    by looking at curriculum C4C10 seems most relevant, just want confirmation or your views on this.

  • Hello Ginger,

    I entered the link to check the C4C10 certification, and the price now is like 4 times the original value, when we talked first time, here in Brazil. Why that happened? Now that I have time to put effort on that, I can´t, due the price is skyhigh.

    I also checked open sap, and there is a C4C training there, was wondering if I can study the C4C there, and somehow buy the C4C10 certification voucher.



  • Dear all,

    I am interested in SAP C4C functional and I searching SAP C4C10 project implementation guide . could someone please share the link or any community where I can study ?

                   Thanks is advance !!

    Best Regards,

    Kapilan M R

  • How does this new SAP Hybris solution plays a role in SAP Functional consultant career.

    I was trying to go with C4C certification, and now i see Cloud for Customer and hybris have relation.

    Can someone show some light on what would be the right certification in “C4C” for a SAP CRM Functional Consultant .

    does Sap Hybris comes as part of C4C or both “C4C” and “Hybris” are different?

    i see many training courses for Hybris starts with “C4C”. i am really confused…

  • Hi Ginger,
    I am preparing for C4C10 certification and I have been looking at blogs but could not really find a good way or details from SAP of what to study and where.
    The study material in learning hub except the book,I don’t find any ongoing group/discussions/forums/delta exams. Could you please help me find more and how to do so.
    Is there a way to find sample questions, you mentioned in one of your blog but I didn’t find any in the link.

    thank you,
    Vega Bhatnagar

  • I was looking for this certification exam on pearson vue, didn’t find there. Is this exam still available ? Where can I get course content, preparation material or related training. Am in Chicago.