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Import of member descriptions (EVDESCRIPTION) via Data Manager to BPC 10.1 from flat file

It is a bit tricky to import member descriptions (System name; EVDESCRIPTION) from flat file (.csv) to BPC 10.1.

I spend a lot of time on finding the solution how to import descriptions into BPC 10.1. This Document may help you by doing that and hopefully save you a lot of time 😉

Step 1:

Make sure that description column in your flat file is in a 2nd place otherwise report package in data manager won’t be able to import descriptions into BPC 10.1

Step 2:

In your transformation file you need to put following transformations:




EN stays for English

For german choose for example DE

Step 3:

Choose Report Package /CPMB/IMPORT_DESCRIPT and undertake your transformations.


If you have questions on this topic you can contact me at any time.

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    • Hi,

      you have to check the tables UJA3_LANGU. It is possible that the English version has a shortcut E, for example, Polish version is L.

      The file instead EN must specify when E.


      • Hello Tomasz,

        Indeed, the English Langage is an E. The thing is that I am importing the descriptions from BW and when I include the line LANGU=*STR(E). I got an error that says that Dimension Attribute doesn’t exist.

        Any idea how can I bring the Descriptions directly fromo BW?


        • You don’t need to include LANGU line when loading from BW.

          But to my mind if you have Spanish description in BW it will go to Spanish description in BPC…

  • Dear Nazim,

    Very good information ,thanks a lot for your valuable share.

    My scenario:

    I am loading description from flat file(csv format)

    I have two languages like (English (E) and Japanese (J) ) how can I load both the descriptions simultaneously from one file. in one file I have both the id’s description I want to load in one stretch. please advise

    hope you understood my doubt.