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Author's profile photo Rahul Mathur

How to populate Requirement Type for MTO sales orders when using two planning strategies for same material

When we are using two planning strategies for one material for example MTS strategy like 40 & MTO like strategy 20 for the same material; we need to find a way to populate the correct requirement type for sales orders. Objective is that particular customers should only get stock fulfillment in MTO way. As well, MTO sales orders should not get consumed by PIR requirements meant for MTS planning.

MTS PIR’s would consume incoming MTS sales orders.

Pre-requisites:- Following configuration would already been there.

  1. Transaction OPPS, OPPT (Strategy & Strategy Group) for grouping strategy 40 & 20.
  2. Mantain Requirement type, requirement class.

New Actions:-

  1. Mantain Item Category Usage configuration.
  2. Assign Item Categories to Item Usage.
  3. Assignment of item categories to Transaction.
  4. Create Customer material Info-Record via transaction VD51 with combination of Customer, sales organization, distribution channel & material.

Once, we create the sales orders, system would pick the item usage from customer material info record and with the help of sales configuration, would populate the appropriate requirement type in Procurement Tab. Hence, sales order would behave as a MTO sales order instead of MTS.

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      Author's profile photo Kiran Kumar
      Kiran Kumar

      Good one Rahul but appreciate if you could have posted with examples and some snap shots 🙂


      Author's profile photo Jeff Lu
      Jeff Lu

      As the subject of this blog stated, recently I have a lot of experience due to MTO project implement(but in fact,the nearly 99% are MTS at this plant) about how to populate requirement type for MTO sales order when using more than two planning strategies for same material;

      let me give a briefing about business background about the interesting requirement;

      1.> same sales org but different distribution channel for the same material master, business team need to separate them (different DCs) to realize b/w MTO and MTS;

      2.> you might need to create a customizing requirement class as well as requirement type

      3.> firstly, create a new item category which needs to assign to item category group (for example, item category:Z002 and same name for item category group)

      3.> go to OVZI -- > setup the combination(item category+MRP type+ customizing requirement type + "Source"), here the value of Source is very....very important, you have to pick up source value " 2"(because then the system checks whether the requirements type is also present as a possible strategy in material-based(MRP3->grouping strategy) Customizing. This means that the system does not only take into account the requirements type defined by using the main strategy, it also interprets all of the strategies (MRP3->grouping strategy)defined for the strategy group. If this is the case, then the requirements type is accepted. Even if the system is not able to find a requirements type using the material-based Customizing, the requirements type found by using the business process (Assignment of item category to sales Order type) is retained.


      >>If this latter requirements type is not present in the material-based Customizing as a possible requirements type, but a requirements type (material-based) has been defined, then this is transferred to the sales order item.


      4.> go to OPPT for grouping strategy (for example MTS (main strategy-40 - strategy 10 - strategy Z2(used for MTO)-strategy 11)

      then you can try to create a news order to take the specific sales org +DC +Sales order type