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Eclipse Feature Explorer


I’m Ruks from Sri Lanka. I’m not an ABAP expert. I started my ABAP journey 1 1/2 years early. I was doing same coding almost every day and was seeking something new in SAP/ABAP. Yes I found it. It’s very cool to here about Eclipse with ABAP.

When I was in university, I knew about Eclipse and also did some projects using Eclipse but never knew the features of ABAP, I think at that time it was not introduced. So it’s time to start the Eclipse again after long time with the features of ABAP.

Before start Eclipse, I go through with some documents about Eclipse features too. Here are some documents that I have gone through.

ABAP Development Tools version 2.24 available now on Updatesite

More cool features of ABAP in Eclipse

How to get your colleagues into ABAP in Eclipse

When I knew that I can integrate the SAPGUI into the Eclipse environment, Yes its really cool. I’m not sure that it’s covered almost everything, but it may be the beginning of new view of ABAP.

So my friends, it’s time to feel the difference of classic ABAP and new ABAP in eclipse. Try yourself and let us know your ideas too.



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