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CRM EHP 3 SUM 10 SP11 and Sybase HADR compatibility issue.

Hi all,

I thought I would share what issues I have had to help others avoid this issue. I am currently going through the process of Upgrading CRM from EHP 2 to EHP 3 using SUM 10 SP 11.  We have had issues when we got to the production enviroment as it this the only system in our landscape with HADR using replication server.

The error we recieved from SUM is attached in the SUM error.png.

The SYBHADRMODE.OUT shows this error.

EXECUTING T:\SUM\SUM\abap\bin\sybctrl.exe exec_cmd -f T:\SUM\SUM\abap\bin\SYBHADRMODE.SQL -u sapsa -o T:\SUM\SUM\abap\log\SYBHADRMODE.LOG

Error: command execution failed.

SAPup> Process with PID 13404 terminated with status -1 at 20140916084644!

SAPup> Starting subprocess in phase ‘INITPUT_PRE’ at 20140916084654

    ENV: DBMS_TYPE=syb


    ENV: PATH=T:\SUM\SUM\abap\bin;E:\Sybase\PCR\OCS-15_0\lib3p64;E:\Sybase\PCR\OCS-15_0\lib3p;E:\Sybase\PCR\OCS-15_0\dll;E:\Sybase\PCR\OCS-15_0\bin;E:\Sybase\SCC-3_2\bin;C:\Sybase\SCC-3_2\bin;C:\Program Files\HP\NCU;C:\Windows\system32;C:\Windows;C:\Windows\System32\Wbem;C:\Windows\System32\WindowsPowerShell\v1.0\;\\******ci1\sapmnt\PCR\SYS\exe\uc\NTAMD64;\\********ci1\sapmnt\PCR\SYS\global\syb\NTAMD64\sybodbc;\\*****db1\d$\sybase\PCR\OCS-15_0\bin;\\*****db1\d$\sybase\PCR\OCS-15_0\dll;\\*****db1\d$\sybase\PCR\OCS-15_0\lib3p64;\\*****db1\d$\sybase\PCR\OCS-15_0\lib3p;\\*****db1\d$\sybase\PCR\ASE-15_0\bin;\\*****db1\d$\sybase\PCR\ASE-15_0\dll;\\*****db1\d$\sybase\PCR\ASE-15_0\jobscheduler\bin

  *ENV: RSEC_SSFS_DATAPATH=T:\SUM\SUM\abap\mem\rsecssfs\data

  *ENV: RSEC_SSFS_KEYPATH=T:\SUM\SUM\abap\mem\rsecssfs\key


    ENV: dbs_syb_dbname=***

    ENV: dbs_syb_no_ext_check=1

    ENV: dbs_syb_port=4901

    ENV: dbs_syb_schema=SAPSR3

    ENV: dbs_syb_server=*******

    ENV: rsdb_ssfs_connect=1

SAP have now adjusted SAP note 1926697 to take this error into account, but it involves waiting until SP12 or SUM is released in Q4.

The work around that has been given to us is to use SWPM to disable the HADR whilst you are going through the upgrade using SUM. Once the upgrade has been finished to use SWPM to re-enable HADR over any direct interaction with DR Agent or Replication Server. These two options are in SWPM under “Generic Installation Options” -> “SAP ASE” -> “Database Replication”: “Removal of Replication Environment” and “Setup of Replication Environment”.

I hope you find this of use.

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