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BI4.1 Update -> The document’s serialization version is too recent (Error: WIS 30915)

The Issue

I recently deployed SAP BusinessObjects 4.1 across several environments at a client site and ran into the following error message when saving a Web Intelligence report to the platform from the Webi Rich Client, Java Panel and HTML Panel.

The document’s serialization version is too recent (Error: WIS 30915)

Scheduling a Web Intelligence report to Webi format also resulted in the above error.

The Web Intelligence processing server logs left the following trace:

**ERROR:SRM:An internal error occured while dgSerializeManagerImpl is calling ibo_idgSrmStore->PublishToCorporate [kdgSerializeManager.cpp;2533]

  • No issues were logged in the setupengine.log
  • Running a repair on the deployment didn’t resolve the issue

Root Cause

Query Builder reveals what would appear to be an incorrect version number for the Web Intelligence application




  • Note the dfo filename above – BusinessObjects_WebIntelligence_dfo.xml.
  • Stop all SIA nodes
  • Backup the CMS database
  • Copy the file from the <InstallDir>\SAP BusinessObjects Enterprise XI 4.0\dfo directory to <InstallDir>\SAP BusinessObjects Enterprise XI 4.0\packages directory
  • Start the SIA Node containing the CMS
  • Confirm the file has been removed from the <InstallDir>\SAP BusinessObjects Enterprise XI 4.0\packages directory
  • Confirm the update via Query Builder


  • Run earlier tests…….All working 😀

Side Notes

I ran into this issue on an upgrade from BI4.0 SP5 FP4. I wasn’t able to replicate this issue (as expected) on an environment that had a clean build i.e. no upgrade

I’ll report the issue through the correct channels in due course but I felt it was best to get this information out there as I burnt several hours troubleshooting this and no doubt someone else might run into the same problem.

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  • Thank you, James, for this interesting finding and resolution.

    I have a BI4.1 SP03 installation (FULL).  I run your query and found out I have



    while I expect to see or

    Is this wrong or ok to ignore?



    • My issue related to the failed deployment of the dfo file. If you open the dfo file you’ll see the relevant entries within it i.e SI_WEBI_SERIALIZATION_VERSION. If there is a mismatch between the dfo and the object in the CMS then you may have an issue.

      That being said, I always stick to the rule – “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it”.

  • Hello,

    Can you please tell what do you mean by:

    • Confirm the file has been removed from the <InstallDir>\SAP BusinessObjects Enterprise XI 4.0\packages directory

    I have a problem with SP2 P10 trying to upgrade to SP4.. the query gives me .. and I want to try your solution.

    Thanks in advance for your answer,



    • Hi,

      When you restart the SIA, it will deploy the dfo file you copied into the <InstallDir>\SAP BusinessObjects Enterprise XI 4.0\packages directory.

      Once the dfo has been deployed the SIA will delete the file from the <InstallDir>\SAP BusinessObjects Enterprise XI 4.0\packages directory, the removal of the file by the SIA indicates that the deployment process has finished.

      You only need to redeploy the dfo if there is a mismatch between entries in the CMS and the dfo, as per the scenario in the post. You can check the dfo file contents in a text editor, if the entries in the dfo file match the results of the query then redeploying the file will/should have no impact because the CMS will be updated with like information.

      I hope that helps to clarify things.

      Many Thanks


  • thank you, it does. Hope it solves the problem, this evening when i perform the update.

    I don’t know what will happen if the new file(after the update) shows the same old value (

    Is there something extra that I would need to do? Manually deploy something?

    • You could check the dfo files on a working environment at the same patch level to see if there is a discrepancy or possibly try a repair of the installation.

  • James thanks for your post. We ran into this WIS 30915 issue on our development server when we applied SP4 and Patch 2. Could not find a resolution so we rolled back to SP3 Patch 1 which was not having this problem. We have now resumed patching.

  • Hi James I am now experiencing this issue. The query builder script returns despite 4.1 SP5 being installed. My dfo file is also showing so the redeployment of the dfo actually doesn’t change anything and the version stays the same.

    What do you suggest?

    • You could copy the dfo files from a working environment at the same patch level or possibly a better option might be to try a repair of the installation.

  • At risk of intruding we have had this same problem upgrading 4.1 from SP3 P4 to SP4 or SP5 on w2k8. We opened ticket with SAP. They recommended a “repair”. That did not work. They recommended SP5. That did not work. They recommended promotion management be used to copy a working report, universe and connection to the 4.1 SP5 system. That did not work.

    They have now recommended uninstalling BO R4.1 and the underlying R4.0. Removing the Business Objects registry and Program Files directories and reinstalling R4.1. Since this is a development system we took this path and are trying to rebuild the environment through Promotion Management.

    While this will give us a sandbox for testing and updating our procedures for R4.1 we are concerned. We would like to hear any success stories. We are now very concerned with upgrading R4.0 in place with R4.1 SP4 or above.

  • For me it worked by using the dfo file from another server. Also tried with SAP ticket, they first recommended a lot of things unrelated to my issue, then sent me this link above with the dfo file workaround. I tried it but didn’t work. I even tried modifying the dfo file manually and it didn’t work. So I copied one from an environment where the version appeared correctly in the query, and it worked.

  • Hello All,

    Thank you James for your share. Very useful.

    I want complete this expérience with another case :

    – When the file “BusinessObjects_WebIntelligence_dfo.xml” saving in “<InstallDir>\SAP BusinessObjects Enterprise XI 4.0\dfo” directory was corrupted.

    The solution is to search it in this temporary folder :

    – <InstallDir>\SAP BusinessObjects\setup\packagetemp

    If you do not found this file in temporary folder “packagetemp” then the solution is to take it in another BI 4.x SERVER who have the same installation version (ex : DEV, TEST SERVER BI).

    And then continues the following steps :

    – Start the SIA

    – Check that the file has been removed

    – Confirme the Update via Query Builder

    I hope that this précision help some others.

    Best Regards,

    Amara AMAOUZ.

  • Thanks for this information James.

    I completed an update from BI4.1 SP3.2 to BI4.1 SP6 yesterday and the update process, along with helpfully wiping out the Destination properties of our multiple Adaptive Job servers, also caused this WIS 30915 issue. This was discovered when a user tried saving a new web intelligence document.

    On my first attempt at manually patching, following James’ steps it made no difference to the version level being reported by Query Builder (which I had to google to discover – what’s that all about ?).

    Then I checked the file version on the test server where I trialed the same update with no issues. I noticed this was at a higher version, than the one on our main server which was On copying that file over to the main server and restarting the SIA it has apparently fixed the problem and our users can save again.

    So that’s good but it doesn’t instill confidence that something else isn’t broken and just waiting to pounce.

    Also would you not expect a BI4.1 SP6 installation to report versions as instead of ??? I’m pretty sure we didn’t have SP4 installed on the test server. So maybe that’s not how the version numbering works. Anyone know about that ?



    I hadn’t read Amara’s response when I posted but I just wanted to confirm that the version of the file in the <InstallDir>\SAP BusinessObjects\setup\packagetemp is which matches the one I copied from our test server but not the one in the <InstallDir>\SAP BusinessObjects\SAP BusinessObjects Enterprise XI 4.0\dfo folder. Hope that makes sense to someone at SAP as to what the install process might be doing (or not).