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SAP CRM Upgrade 7.0 to EHP3 – Steps Overview and Details

Recently i did a project of CRM upgrade from 7.0 to EHP3. Following documentation contains the steps and overview of the activities that were performed from Web UI enhancements perspective. I have tried to document in detail so that it could be useful to others as we all know that CRM upgrade has its own challenges.

First Step – After BASIS does implement the upgrade we run SPAU/SPDD to verify and make adjustments as per the status of the objects being highlighted. There could be cases wherein an SAP Note appears in SPAU but couldn’t be processed. In this case check the latest status on service market place, it is possible that SAP note is yet to be released for customer and the status can be ignored.

Handling Web UI components enhancements:

SAP Note 1570869 is basically the crux to the handling of Web UI enhancements post upgrade.

Run report BSP_WD_RT_REP_COMPARE, select the component and execute. There is an button available to adopt all the changes. You might get error while saving the adaption. They would need to be manually adjusted by editing the run time component repository (Repository.XML).


For Ex – As per the following logs the run time repository for component FDT_EXP needs to be adjusted for the multiple usage of view FormulaView. In such cases we would get HTTP 500 errors while navigation through web ui.


Like in the below case extra window reference needs to be deleted post upgrade:


Run Tcode WCF_CC to check the consistency of the enhanced views. This will highlight the issues with the enhanced components. For Example – There would be cases wherein new page attributes have been introduced. The page attributes will have to be manually added. SAP Note 1713845 can be referenced.

Example –

Run a syntax check for the all the custom classes generated for the enhanced components. In case of issues they would need to be fixed. We can regenerate the classes under utilities menu bar option, it would adjust the attributes, protected, private and public sections.


We faced an issue wherein the account search was not filtering the data based upon the screen selections. Realized that there were changes to BSP page code which had to be adapted manually.


The best way is to run a methodical approach and check the classes, page attributes, BSP page coding post adaption for each and every enhanced component under the enhancement set.


SAP Note 1665509 helped in resolving one of the issues we faced during testing.


SAP Note 20162156 Territory rule not filtering for valid from/valid to was released after raising an OSS message. This solves the issue wherein user is not able to filter the territory rules based upon valid from and valid to data.


SAP Note 2022375 is the resolution of the issue wherein the tool tip for Reset and Clear button are switched in Interaction Center. Tcode /nSOTR_EDIT can be used in case the description of the buttons is not correct. Alias (For Ex – CRM_IC_APPL/BUPACLEAR_TOOLTIP) for the button can be identified from the BSP page of the component.


Reference blog –SAP CRM: Upgrades and Enhancement Packs



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