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Blog It Forward- Christine Donato

During a productive and friendly conversation with Tammy Powlas I was verbally nominated to “blog it forward” as she did here. I’m going to take a stab at this. So… here we go.

Who I am and what I do

My name is Christine Donato, and I am currently a member of the Customer Alliance Team at SAP, specifically the Customer Storytelling team.  My team aims to be the voice of SAP customers. We target a non-technical audience, hence why the SAP Business Trends space is so perfect for our blogs. Here we can reach the “average Joe” and explain how SAP customers are positively impacting the world around us.

Many times I am lucky enough to interview the customer directly.  Last week, I attended SuccessConnect in Las Vegas, and I had the privilege of interviewing 9 different SAP customers. We talked about how SuccessFactors Solutions positively impact their businesses, recruiting efforts, people management, and corporate cultures. I met with people working in many different industries, and each company was unique and had a particular spin as to why SuccessFactors helped their business run better.

From these customer interviews, I will be able to craft 9 different blogs and share all 9 videos.  All blogs that I write are approved by the customer and tweaked/edited as the customer sees fit.  Nothing is ever published without customer approval. I’m telling the story of the customer after all, so they need to have their say.

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My personal life dream

In my personal life, I love to travel.  I live outside of Philadelphia, and although I love this city, I can’t deny the thrill of exploring new places. So far this year I visited San Diego and Baltimore, and I will return to London for the 2nd time this year with an excursion to Scotland too.  My goal is to experience each country of the world at least once.

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A fun fact about me

Aside from travel, my entire heart belongs to my family and friends.  At the age of 25, I have 5 beautiful nieces and 1 very adorable nephew.  I am the youngest of 3 girls, and with the support and love of my parents, we are a very tight knit clan.  I also have an extraordinary group of friends who I am thankful for everyday.

What I love most about my job

One surprising fact (probably quite different from many people my age) is that I do absolutely love my job. I have freedom to be creative, and I get to write all day every day.  I am a proud West Chester University alumna, graduating with a degree in English, writing emphasis, and a minor in political science.  I originally wanted to be a lawyer, aspiring to change the United States healthcare system. But when I graduated from college, lawyers were a dime a dozen, so instead of picking up over $100K in student loan debt, I accepted an opportunity at SAP. 

Now, 3 1/2 years later, I blog about awesome SAP customers who use technology to improve their customer’s satisfaction.  I think that customer storytelling is incredibly important when the customer’s customer is a hospital patient.  I love that I can write about SAP’s healthcare customers and how their lives have improved because hospitals are optimizing the way they operate and research cures. I’m learning about the healthcare industry while also promoting just how positive an influence technology can have on hospital systems, disease research, cures for cancer and much much more. 

My professional goal is to save the world 😉

My bigger goal? To someday branch out from telling the story of how technology is helping to change the world and actually be the person making a difference.  I’d like to be up close and personal in the healthcare industry learning where the issues lie, where improvements can be made, and how we can fix the money hungry system in place in the USA.   Then, I want to draft and implement that public policy and, hopefully, positively influence lives.

My #BIF nominations

I’ve talked enough about myself, so it’s time for some of my colleagues to take a stab.  I would like to blog it forward to Darren Hunter and Lindsey Nelson.

Be sure to bookmark and follow the Blog It Forward chain in order to be updated as new people and topics join “Blog It Forward”. Feel free to share any thoughts in the comments below, and follow me on SCN, Twitter (@Cmdonato), and G+

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      Author's profile photo Satish Kumar Balasubramanian
      Satish Kumar Balasubramanian

      Nice Blog Christine. All the best for your goal to save the world 😉 . You are well Motivated, Keep it up. 🙂



      Author's profile photo Steve Rumsby
      Steve Rumsby

      Hi Christine. Thanks for sharing with us a little about you. It is always good to get to know people better!

      And it is really nice to find somebody still using the word "alumna" 🙂 .

      Author's profile photo Krysten Gentile
      Krysten Gentile

      Hi Christine,

      Although I've known you for 3+ years, this blog gave me even better insight on your career path and personal life. I knew you were passionate about healthcare and travel, but I really enjoyed hearing about what motivates you. 🙂

      Great blog!

      Author's profile photo Christine Donato
      Christine Donato
      Blog Post Author
      Author's profile photo el mekki ennoury
      el mekki ennoury

      A great blog.