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SAP Certified – Google Sheets with SAP – CloudShuttle

It’s been an incredible last few months as we worked through certifying our first product both with Google, and with SAP, just in time for D.Code! The product is now officially out on the SAP Store, and Google Marketplace.

You can find it here:

Screen Shot 2014-09-15 at 11.58.17 AM.png

With this tool, you can easily read and maintain any data in SAP from Google Sheets.

A wizard to get started (connect to Netweaver Gateway):

screenshot 1 - better.png

Select Fields or add Filters (Business Partners):

screenshot 2 - better.png

Use Sheets to share, collaborate, or work on any spreadsheet function you like (Material Master for example):

screenshot 3 - better.png

If you would like to learn more, please visit the official page: Cloud Shuttle – Mindset

Enjoy, and looking forward to seeing everyone at D.Code!

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  • Just a pre TechEd’15 update: CloudShuttle has been re-branded as “CloudSimple” – we are updating the SAP store but in the meantime  you can try it out here.

    Also in addition to CloudSimple for Data (to permit data admin/management between SAP and Google Sheets) we’ve added CloudSimple for Analytics — think of it as BeX capabilities within Google for Work, with terrific visualizations capability (and can run on HCP).

    The Roadmap for both solutions looking good — thanks for the suggestions! 

    Email me with questions — Peter —

    • Hi Peter

      I just tried, it worked for me with the default connection, i.e.

      Really, it is amazing  that SAP and GoogleApps  integrated with “CloudSimple”  as Google’s Sheet’s add-on.

      If we want to use our own GW system (say for PoC type), what are the configuration required in GW system & which services to be referred  as Gateway URL. i.e. for http/https ?, i.e  https://hostname:port/<???services????>

      Do you refer any SAP standard document or any such whitepaper ? for configuring GW system for integrating “SAP-CloudSimple”. thanks.



        • Hi Gavin

          Thanks for your update. In fact, I tried with https://fqdn:port/&nbsp; I got an error like this;

          “Unable to connect to your SAP system. Please check your connection settings”

          Can I raise a SAP Message for to check logon issue ?

          In the meantime, I have tested for “catalogservice” from SICF service, I got a response and metadata got displayed.

          Also please note that in GW system, we have configured SAML2.0 with 3rd party product as IdP (Identity provider) for accessing SAP Fiori apps. With this SAML2.0/LoadBalancer configuration, we need to enable all required services for URL forwarding otherwise the expected result may be visible.



          • Hi Swami,

            Is that URL accessible from Google’s servers, or is it behind a firewall? If it’s blocked, you could set a special rule to allow Google’s cloud servers to access that host / port?