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Design Studio on HANA – ASUG Webcast

This was an ASUG webcast today with SAP’s David Stocker.  Part 1 is Analysis Office on HANA Scenarios – ASUG Webcast

The usual SAP legal disclaimer applies that things in the future are subject to change

New roadmaps are coming at Las Vegas SAP TechEd && d-code


Figure 1: Source: SAP

Design and runtime enhancements include navigation panel, enhanced scripting, customize crosstabs, Excel-based printing and exporting, enhanced set of components, BEx Query Exceptions support, background query loading, and enhanced charting and visualization

With partner and customer SDK, you create custom charts, visualizations and extensions (e.g. commentary)

Additional data sources supported include relational .UNX support with .UNX query panel

Coming in Design Studio 1.4 is RRI, drag and drop and more shown in the middle of Figure 1


Figure 2: Source: SAP

Most Design Studio customers use are using BI platform.

When deploy using HANA, no BICS is involved; instead it is pushing off to Information Access Service (aka INA)

SAP does not recommend HANA native deployment yet as it is still new, young, INA is new

It refreshes on backend on data sources can be parallel


Figure 3: Source: SAP

Missing: Calculated Measures and Exceptions


Figure 4: Source: SAP

Figure 4 covers expected limitations with Design Studio 1.4 HANA deployment.

There is no Variable Value help in 1.4.  It should be present in 1.5

Export means export to Excel/CSV

Question & Answer

Q:  Is Design Studio still on track to be able to use RSBBS jump functionality is the near or far future? (right mouse click, context menu, go to…)

A:  1.4 – enabling context menu – a component – add to document, define jump targets in BIP/BW


Q:  BW Workspaces, Is there any schedule/planning to support non cumulative key figures and IP cubes?

A:  At moment no, space is open


Q:  How does the security work?

A:  It uses the related BW or HANA backend security


Q:  Design Studio or Analysis Office, Is there any considerable report performance growth with HANA ? any used cases with/without HANA !

A:  For Design Studio, he pointed out parallel executiion of queries on HANA


Q:  is Table Design going to be only on Native HANA or would it also be available on SAP BW?

A:  Table Design will be available on Analysis 2.0 against BW (some prerequisites apply)


Q:  Analysis on office via BICS is limited to the safety belt or cell restriction . Via UNX its not . Will the BICS safety belt be removed for analysis for office. Also will the COM add in restriction be removed .

A:  remove with registry setting


Q:  Is bursting possible from analysis office on native HANA?

A:  No, this is not possible


Q:  Do we have any plan integrating Analysis MS Office with Informatica ILM (Information Lifecycle Management) which is Archive DB.

A:  no


Q:  Web Application Designer is able to publish to Portal.  Will Design Studio ever do this?

A:  Design Studio has an iview for the portal today


Q:  Yes, I was asking about Design Studio.

A:  RRI is planned for 1.4


Q:  Can it publish to a Portal KM folder?

A:  No


Q:  Maybe I missed it, is support for drag and drop support for navigation components coming soon for DS 1.4 or later?

A:  Yes that is in the DS 1.4 roadmap slide


Q:  Design Studio or Analysis Office, If I have IP(integrated planning)query with planning function, currently its possible to execute manually one by one . However If I have couple of planning sequences(combined) how can we execute all at once ?

A:  Analysis Office can execute via VBA macro; DS is also via script


Q:  (Drag and drop at runtime, not design time, to be clear)

A:  Fragments  – draggable, new component, split container, familiar with Lumira > like viz pane from Lumira at runtime


Q:  will we able to change measure to dimensions inside analysis for office similar to Web Intelligence

A:  no


Q:  To use Design Studio for BW based customers, what is your recommendation? – Should we use BI platform or directly connect BW? What is the Adv & Disadv over this? Please note we have BWA.

A:  Performance is an issue on BIP; look at deploy at BW but lose the mobility that comes with BIP



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      Author's profile photo Aaron Benner
      Aaron Benner

      I am interested in the performance considerations BIP vs BW for DS deployments with 1.4.  We have seen considerably slower performance on the BOBJ-based DS when comparing against BW / Java in 1.3.

      Author's profile photo Tammy Powlas
      Tammy Powlas
      Blog Post Author

      Hi - this is a great question to ask SAP on Monday's ASUG Webcast:

      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member


      Per Jie

      Basically it could be some performance difference between BOE and NetWeaver BW, since BOE has multiple services etc.

      But this difference should not be big/huge/or very apparent.

      If you notice the considerable performance difference, or your BOE behavior very slow, please open a OSS ticket. Our development need to investigate and have a look into it.