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Blog It Forward – Leslaw Piwowarski

Hello everyone !

First of all, let me thank Dëv Päträ for inviting me to BIF.


My name is Lesław Piwowarski. I prefer to be called Leszek what is more popular in Poland. „sz” in polish sounds like English „sh” but polish language is generally much harder.

I have six year old son Staś and wife Gosia.


Pict. 1 – My family at Baltic Sea Coast.

My way to SAP

Shortly after completing secondary school I bought my first computer (as far as I remember it was an IBM XT640 – imagine a computer without any HD inside J ). I started to get to know the computer technology.  Computer programming became my great passion which is until now. 

My journey with SAP started four years ago when the firm I’m  working for adopted it as the main database system. Until now I work as a BW administrator. 

Where I live

All my life I’ve been living in the city Sosnowiec in Silesia province in southern Poland. Silesia used to be known as the heavy industry region. In most cities coal mines could be found. Coal mining was very important for the country and coal miners were very proud of who they are. Society of miners was well organized. They had their own tradition, festivals. Polish miner’s traditional uniforms are well known in Poland. 


Pict. 2 – Polish miners in their uniforms during miners’ festival.

Now the heavy industry in Silesia is being closed for economic reasons.


Not far away from the place where I live there’s JURA – region covered with forests with a number of limestone rocks hidden among the trees.

skałki na jurze.jpg

Pict. 3 – Limestone rocks near Zawiercie / Rzedkowice

My hobby

Long time ago I was „poisoned” 😉 with rock climbing and until now whenever I can I climb in Jura or do another forms climbing.


Pict. 4 – coming down … just a minute !.

Jura is also famous for great castles that had at a time been built there.


Pict. 5 – Ruins of the castle in Podzamcze near Ogrodzieniec

Shortly after I started to climb in Jura I interested in climbing in high mountains. The Tatra mountains on the southern border with Slovakia were my first real mountains to climb.


Pict 6. – The Polish Tatras. View from the “Morskie Oko” hut, one day, early in the morning.

Then I climbed in some mountains in The Italian Alps.


Pict. 7 – Me, long time ago shortly before an ascent on Cervina / Matterhorn.

My son is also fond of climbing. I showed him how to climb when he was 4 years old.  

wspinanie stasie.JPG

wspinanie stasia 2.JPG

Pict. 8 – in climbing wall in Sosnowiec.

My another great passion is making photographs. Each year thousands of new pictures and short movies find its way on my computer HD. My favourite are some pictures of my son.


Pict. 9 Staś playing with passion.

Answer to the optional questions:

What is your favorite musician/band?

I love to listen to: Bach, Prokofiev, Shostakowitch music. My favorite musicians are Marta Argerich, Joshua Bell, Yo-Yo Ma, Glen Gould, Lang Lang, Youndi Li. 

If you were 20 again, what would you study?

Playing piano. I attended the piano classes as a young boy but I was too lazy to acomplish it.

What is your favorite sport?

I think you already know what is my favorite sport !

Dëv Päträ, asked in his blog two questions about himself. Here are the answers:

1. Your ambition is to be a good human being(which I am sure you are) and to become an SAP MM consultant.

2. Your best friend is Rana Koley.

That’s about it!
I’m blogging it forward to: (if you want to join go here:

My questions are:

What affected you to work with SAP technology?

Do you think SAP people are in some way special?

Please compose your own blog. Title it “Blog it Forward – Your Name”. Provide a link to this blog as the origination of your participation, and enter the link to your blog in the Blog It Forward Chain once you post it. You can learn about the participation in the Blog It Forward Community Challenge posted by Moshe Naveh.

Thanks for reading my blog. I hope you will find BIF very interesting.

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