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SuccessFactors Employee Central Payroll Time Sheet 1408 – Demo

Dear All

Thought I would share a look at the new Payroll Time Sheet functionality in Employee Central. This is available as demo only (in 1408) with proposed live availability post 1411. Having spent a long time consulting in the On Premise HCM/Time Management space i have to say I am really impressed with the new extension to the time functionality of EC. Granted, at the moment, it is pretty straight forward but can see it being a real benefit to many organisations when it becomes available in the core release.

The click functionality to record the actual times is really nice and I will aim to get a short demo video done some time soon.

EC Time Sheet.jpg

I plan to do some more trials around the calculation of overtime and interested in sharing experiences with others working in this area.

I will be at SuccessConnect in Amsterdam in October 2014 and look forward to meeting some of you.

Have a good weekend.


EC Time Sheet.jpg
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  • Hello Doug,

    This is good information. This brings several questions to my mind, Is Time management headed to cloud aswell. Would this functionality replace CATS and integrated with Time Eval or this would be entirely new solution?

    Keep us posted,



  • Hi Doug,

    Great functionality in cloud. Looking forward to know all about this. Can we enable in the demo server provisioned. Would like to work and explore more with EC.



  • Hi Doug,

    I wanted to test this functionality in one of my demo instances and I’ve done the following:

    1. Enabled Time-Sheet in Provisiong

    2. Assigned Miscellaneous Permissions and RBP to the following objects

    a) Time Sheet

    b) Time Sheet Entry

    c) Time Recording Profile

    d) Time Type Groups

    e) Time Valuation

    Besides that I also created a Time Type as Overtime with classification as Attendance > assigned it to a Time Type Profile > assigned the profile to an employee.  The Employee Time Sheet view has been checked in Configure Employee files so now I can see ECT_TIMESHEET and the Time Sheet view for an employee.

    However, thats as far as I could get and when I click on Time Entry I do not get the Overtime Time Type I have created. The Submit and Save buttons are also greyed out. I’ve definitely missed out further configuration steps, unfortunately I’ve not been lucky enough get hold of any handbooks so far.

    I would really appreciate your inputs.

    Warm Regards,


    • Hi Deepraj

      Have you assigned a Time Recording Profile to the employee you are trying to process? You need to enable the field and enable the relevant RBP’s.

      Good luck


      • Hi Doug,

        I’ve enabled Time Recording Profile field and RBP’s > created Time Recording Profile via Manage Data > assigned it to an employee as shown below:

        Time Recording Profile.JPG

        However, the Time Sheet screen is still hanging and the Submit/Save buttons are still greyed out. Are there any specific configuration related to Time Valuation which is associated with the Time Recording Profile? For now I have created one below: (yet to understand the underying concept behind some fields 😕 )

        Time Valuation.JPG



        • Hi Deepraj

          My Time Valuation Settings:

          Time Type Group Below, Above and Threshold Group all set to the one Group i created – yours is Time Type Group 1

          Time Unit – Week

          Threshold Type  – Fixed Value

          Threshold Value – 7.5

          Wont admit to fully knowing all the ins and outs of these fields (waiting on the handbook like everyone else) but assume they have to do with setting specific thresholds for recorded time over or under the expected planned time.

          See if it works and let us all know.

          I havent had time to look at the approval workflow but did read something that this is coming later so err’d on the side of caution at this point since its all still in demo only.



          • Hi Doug,

            Thank you for your inputs, its helped me progress with the configuration. I am still exploring and working on the remaining part and will definitely share once I get it to work.



  • Hi Doug & Deepraj,

    Thanks for sharing this information.

    I am too in process of putting together a demo on SF PY Timesheet functionality.

    So far, I was able to activate the Timesheet from provisioning, but couldn’t really make it work.

    Below are some of the challenges I am facing and any suggestion would be highly appreciated:

    1) Though I can see & create ‘Work schedule’, ‘Holiday Calendar’, ‘Time profile’, ‘Time Recording profile’, ‘Time Types’ under Manage Data in Admin Tools, I am not able to assign them to an employee as the fields ‘Work schedule’ and ‘Time Recording Profile’ aren’t visible under Time Information in Job information portlet.

    2) When I go to RBPs, I don’t even find ‘workschedule’ and ‘Time Recording profile’ there.

    3) In addition to above, I couldn’t figure out a way to create Attendance Time Types like Reg hours, Overtime etc as while creating Time Types the classification is defaulted to Absence and I am not able to change it.

    Please advise.



    • Hi Sharath,

      Work Schedule and Time Recording Profiles fields will need to be made visible in Succession DM after which RBP’s need to be checked in Job Information.

      Not sure about on the classification defaulting to absence as in my instance I can see a drop-down to select either an absence or an attendance for a time type.