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SAP SMS Configuration

Table Contents

  1. SCOT Configuration.
  2. HTTP Virtual host Configuration via SICF.
  3. Maintaining the Pager service.
  4. TCODE SPRO (in configuration client).
  5. Check the configuration by Composing a SMS.
  6. Monitor the queue using Tcode SCOT.
  7. Automating the process.


The pager/SMS messages can be transferred to the provider both via HTTP and also via (E)SMTP. This note relates to the HTTP channel. The SMTP channel is described in note 455140(455140 – Configuration of e-mail, fax, paging or SMS using SMTP). When e-mails are transferred using SMTP, the SAP Web Application Server communicates directly with a mail server. No gateway or connector is necessary.

You can use any SMTP-compatible product as a mail server.The first thing is a Basis configuration with third party SMS gateway provider.  SMS from ECC SMS configuration needs to be done by Basis administrators. After if it successful can trigger SMS from the ABAP program directly.

The step by step procedure to configure SAP SMS though HTTP is as below.

Version : Net viewer version : 7.0

Provider : mobitel , Dialog (Sri Lanka)

1.     SCOT Configuration

Go to T-code Scot


               Then click PAG               –>              Then click on create button. Then provide HTTP for Node and give a description.


          Continue à  Select HTTP Node


          continue –> Then provide the URL provided by the provider.


You can provide SAPconnect variables as you need.

Continue -> This screen will ask the password for the URL provided. If you give it on previous screen keep the password blank.


Continue –>

Provide the maximum length.  Enter the maximum length (in bytes) that a SMS message can have.


   Continue –>



   Specify which text your provider returns in the status message (HTTP response) to indicate that:

a) The message was sent successfully

b) An error occurred


Continue –>

Specify the address area for which the node is to be responsible.

The node receives only those messages with recipient addresses that are within th enode address area, from the SAPconnect send process.Generic address areas can end or (only Internet addresses) begin with ‘*’.

Provide * on field address area.


Continue –> failed send attempt:

If a node cannot be reached currently because of a temporary error, the system tries to send the message again for a period of time that is specified individually for each node (at the earliest, after 10 minutes).

Specify the maximum time period for this repeat send attempt procedure (in hours and minutes).These values are initially set to zero


Continue –> Specify if the HTTP node is active.


A node that is not activated does not receive messages from the SAPconnect send process.

Continue –>

1. HTTP Virtual host Configuration via SICF






Then go to logon data and provide a user [better to use a service user.]


Then go to the handler list and provide following handers.





Then save it and activate it.


If your network environment has an proxy then provide the proxy setting to reach it to the given URL.



Proxy settings screen


Provide credentials in HTTP log tab.


OK  – >

2.     Maintaining the Pager service.

Use Tcode SA14 (The best practice is to go to 000 client and do this).

Provide detail as shown below – New Entry

Pager Serv: BAL
Use :SMS Service

Or use as follow.



3.     TCODE SPRO (in configuration client)

Then provide following details

Pager serv : SMS
Pager service : SMS
Use : SMS Service



Now you are finished configuring the SMS though SAP.

4.     Check the configuration by Composing a SMS

Go to T-code SBWP.




  • –> Send and check the mobile.




5.     Monitor the queue using Tcode SCOT.

Your composed sms can be seen on waiting queue.

Click on process icon on top to send it.




               Then Start  –>



6.     Automating the process.

The SMS process can be automating though a background job.

It can be done by clicking on job icon in same screen. Then double click on the SAPCONNECT PAG SEND.


Then schedule the job


Done !

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      Author's profile photo Zerandib @
      Zerandib @

      Good Article ..Simple and explained well.

      Thank you for sharing...


      Author's profile photo Praveen S
      Praveen S

      Hi can you help me to check sms api response text. I have integrated sms from springedge using this article

      All text messages are getting delivered but i can not see API response, i need to configure further action after sending sms based on response.

      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member

      Hi, Priyan:

      I did a test in our ids system, ehp7 for erp6.0, following your document

      and sap system return message 723(Message passed to the service provider) type 'S'

      but my phone no. used as recipients, didnot receive any message

      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member
      Blog Post Author

      Hi timothy.

      please check with service provider and try to send sms with their link without sap. If it is working configure correctly the URL.

      Also check the Firewall rule of your organization.


      Author's profile photo Varun Kumar Pathapati
      Varun Kumar Pathapati

      Check firewall rule, Both Inbound & Outbound in sender side as well as receiver side. Communication issue will get resolved.

      Author's profile photo Shahin Mikayilov
      Shahin Mikayilov

      Hi Priyan,

      the same getting me : from sost sms status success, but phone did not receive any sms message


      Author's profile photo Zerandib @
      Zerandib @


      Have you verified your HTTP connection URL with service provider? from that link, is it possible for you to send sms?... any error code/warning msg?


      Author's profile photo Shahin Mikayilov
      Shahin Mikayilov

      hi Zerandib,

      the problem was in provider url, solved and now working fine 🙂

      thanks a lot for useful post


      Author's profile photo S. Sivalojanan
      S. Sivalojanan

      Hi Priyan,

      I have followed same steps to configure SMS. But I could not receive SMS to my mobile.

      I got the error.

      Message cannot currently be transferred to node SMS:0721527252 due to connection error

      Message no. XS751


      The message cannot be transferred to node SMS:0721527252 due to a technical fault.

      System Response

      The system has flagged this message for a new attempt. The message has not yet been sent.

      Additional information of the node used (in the system language of the node):
      HTTP_CLIENT->RECEIVE Error Code: 1_403 ICM_HTTP_SE


      Check the connection from the SAP system to node SMS:0721527252 with RFC destination HTTP or HTTPS. Use RFC destination management to check the RFC connection.

      If R/3 is in productive operation, it is advisable to reroute provisionally to another node.

      You should therefore notify your system administrator.

      My SMS URL is:

      USER= *********

      PWD= *******

      MASK= TEST



      Could you please help.

      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member


      After configuring the SMS, the last 2 characters are truncating..

      Could you please help me on this.

      Author's profile photo Abhishek Mishra
      Abhishek Mishra

      Very good Article to understand - User Friendly

      Author's profile photo Manoj Kumar
      Manoj Kumar

      hi all,

      i have getting this error in sap dev system,

      port number is mentioned correct

      services in SMICM is also activated.

      but still i mam getting this..

      thanks in advance

      Cannot process message in SAP System

      Message no. XS817


      Processing could not be continued due to a technical or configuration error in the SAP system.

      System Response

      Processing terminated.


      Processing was terminated in the SAP system. The reason is given in the details below:

      PHONE NUMBER ( i am getting my mobile number here)

      Error creating HTTP client object from URL

      Author's profile photo Virgilio Morales
      Virgilio Morales

      Hey guys,


      Just a simple question. Where is SMS provider URL coming from? for our mobile service provider? Do we need to contract like an additional line?


      Vriglio I. Morales