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How to monitor Complete Database Backup in Solman 7.1 MAI

We know that with SOLMAN 7.1, CCMS framework has been migrated over to SOLMAN MAI ( Monitoring and Alerting Infrastructure ), which is far easier to configure ( probably) and provide a central framework to configure monitoring for the whole SAP landscape . We can create one monitoring template and assign it to all the systems or a particular product type or we can create separate templates for our DEV, INT and PRD systems.

Although MAI has evolved with each new support pack release of solman 7.1 , particularly SP10, which our current solman system is running on, but still some critical metrics are still missing which we could monitor in the old but useful CCMS.

Like before SP10 for solman 7.1, MAI can not monitor the last brarchive, last brbackup , last database check and last database stats run and few other database related CCMS metrics.

To solve this problem we had to create custom metrics and alerts to pull data out of CCMS into solman MAI as below. ( We were on SP6 earlier)

SAP delivered document  “How-to: Create Custom CCMS Metrics and Alerts” elaborates how to create custom metrics.

Even after following this doc, MAI would not show data in CCMS, so we had to create custom RFC pull extractor , which I have shown below and were successful in pulling data from CCMS.

To create custom datacollector , go to web dynpro WD_MAI_DPC_MAIN in your Solution Manager


Copied from standard CCMS_GET_CURRENT_VAL extractor to our custom extractor.

with only 2 parameters as below

But with SP10 , last brarchive and last brbackup , last database check are part of the standard SAP delivered template and hence we have removed them since. This is true even for Java stack only systems or MDM systems.

Even the age of last brarchive and brbackup is shown in days.

But here’s the catch, “Age of last successful database backup” only shows the time since the last run of BRBACKUP , which includes incremental and complete backups, both. It doesn’t differentiates between full or incremental.

So, if by any chance the full backup did not trigger or did not run( Maintenance, system outage during the time when the job was scheduled , scheduling failed), there is no way, system will generate an automated alert.

We had this situation when the weekend full backup didn’t trigger. ( If the backup fails, we get alerts anyway) and only after manually checking few days after ,we realized it.

So, we had to find a way to monitor the age of complete backup. This metric is still available in CCMS

We pulled this value from CCMS, created a new custom Metric and Alert in the database monitoring template , and all set, we were monitoring the full backup as well with Solman MAI successfully.

Metric definition as below. Save the template and re-apply to the monitored object.

I hope this document is informative. We can use the same procedure to create custom metrics for any other database or SAP related metrics which is not available in MAI and which can be pulled out from CCMS, if available.



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      Nice Article.. helped me during my Technical Monitoring Setup..