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Multiple Language Support in BO On BW.

Hi Team ,

This is a trick to use BW multi language in Webi reports .

Environment : ECC6,SAP BW ,SAP BI 4.X UDT/IDT .

In BW Language pack deployed and Master data of objects maintained in different languages(From ECC).In BW they have option to choose language when log on , data and screen will get change as per language selected.

In BO , we have option to pass only one language in universe connection .By default we’ll passing EN .So, though we have data maintained in multiple languages in BW ,we’ll not be leveraging it for reporting in BO.

Possible Solution :

Scenario 1: Use Universe with SSO as connection type .Login to Launchpad with user and change Preferred Viewing Locale to see metadata and data in different languages .

In BI 4.1 SP3 ,we will get Codepage error .It is a bug in BI 4.1 .Please find SAP Note 2037630. It is not yet fixed either in  SAP BI 4.1 SP4 patch2(Latest Verion)  or SAP BI 4.1 SP3 Patch2 (our current version)

So we wanted to look for another solution which will work with universe.

Update 9/12/2014 : This issue is resolved in BI 4.1 SP3 Patch 8 .

Scenario 2 : With Manage Access Restrictions feature we can switch toggle between the connections based on user login.

Assume you have a ES_SUPPORT Group/User , to whom Spanish data required when logged in.

Scenario 3: Use BICS connection with SSO as connection type.Login to Launchpad with user and change Preferred Viewing Locale to see metadata and data in different languages .

Since we use Unv only in our project . we are not using this solution.

Procedure for Scenario 2:

1.Create a connection Cnn_MATERIAL_TEST on top of BEx query MATERIAL_TEST with default language EN.

2.Create universe with the connection and Create Webi report and save.You’ll get only English data.

3.Create another connection Cnn_MATERIAL_TEST_ES on top of BEx query MATERIAL_TEST with language key ES for Spanish language .

4.Universe ->Tools ->Manage Security ->Manage Access Restrictions

5.Click New ,Enter Name: ES Language .From Connections drop down , select Cnn_MATERIAL_TEST_ES

6.From right hand side ,click Add user or group . Select ES_SUPPORT (user/group , for which different language data required)

7.from left side click Access Restriction ES Language , from right side click ES_SUPPORT . click on Apply.

Now log on to to Launchpad with ES_SUPPORT and refresh the report .You’ll see data maintained in Spanish .

we can do same in IDT on top of cube in Data security .

Limitation /Considerations:

* Not possible with OLAP connections , universe is mandatory.

* Creating multiple connections for universe(per BEx query).

* Need to maintain user groups based on language in BO.

* Need to create Access Restrictions in Universe.

Hope someone find this helpful 🙂 .Please share if there is another way of doing it.

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  • Hi Sateesh,

    so for procedure #2

    do I have to create 20 copies of Universe and create connections for say 20 different languages and then set specific connection_FR to the specific Universe_FR?

    does it work this way?

      • but then does it mean, I can have multiple language connections and one Universe, and then language translation would take place automatically for those many number of languages I have or the language translation would take place with only one language at a time.

        I am not clear on this aspect.  As the requirement is that 1000’s of report will be released worldwide and each country would have different language so we want to cater the reports for each language.

        • What is your backend database ?

          If it is SAP BW , then we can leverage SAP BW’s language packs with SSO.

          There are certain things we should know .

          1.Translating Metadata (Headers , Objects names.. ) : for this we need translation manager

          2.Report features  : for this we need BO language packs to be installed .

          3.Data is maintained in backend RDBMS in different languages (as columns / as separate tables ) then consider below procedure

          1 .creating 1 connection for 1 language

          2.create user groups based on language

          3.assign connections to user groups

          4.login to launchpad and view the report.

          • in sceniero 1;
            Does it change the value of user language in the universe connection as the value in preferred language view changes?
            is this enough to see data in different languanges?

          • so,we use farsian language pack(z1) in erp (not standart language pack)

            we have unicode connection.we can see farsian language in bw.(not installed any language pack for farsian language)

            so how match in preffered viewing locale(Persian) with Z1(farsian language code) in this possible?

          • Hi Erdem ,

            To see data in BW ,which language you are selecting when logging in ?

            BO will pass the underlying language key to BW .

            Try by setting Z1 as language type in BICS / MDX connection to check !