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How-To Install & Use the PCM 10.0 REST connection and enable write-back functionality

The PCM REST connection is available as of PCM 10.0 SP8.

It Introduces READ/WRITE capabilities for PCM reports via the EPM Add-In.

Note: The write-back feature does not work for “Bill of Materials” and “Objectives and Metrics” type of PCM models.

Server Requirements

  • Best to use PCM 10.0 SP8 Patch 1 or higher.
    You should use at least SP10 if you have renamed PCM dimensions or used non-English PCM models.
  • No options need selecting during PCM installation – it gets installed automatically when doing the update.
  • A new IIS Application Pool is created “PCMExcelServicePool”.
    When using a 32bit server (the standard 32bit PCM server installation) the “Enable 32-bit” has to be set to TRUE. For 64bit web-server (the x64 PCM server installer), this must be FALSE.
    See SAP Note 2062125 – PCM – How to identify installer used for PCM
    After changing this, recycle the Application Pool by using the ‘Recycle’ command in the action pane.


Client Prerequisites

  • EPM-addin must be SP16 Patch 1 or above and has to be the .NET 4.0 version (a.k.a. BIG VOLUME version)
  • A client needs to have the PCM Client software installed to get this option in the EPM-addin!
    Same PCM version like the server is needed (PCM 10.0 SP8 P1 or higher).
  • Three files “PCMConnectionExtension.dll”, “PCMConnectionExtension.dll.config” and “PCMConnectionExtension.pdb” are placed in the PCM Install directory and then copied to the EPM Add-In install directory. After this, close excel completely and restart.


Creating the connection

  1. There are 2 kind of authentication types possible. If you use standard PCM authentication, you can skip this step.
    If you have SAP BI Platform or IPS installed and want to use BO Enterprise authentication, you first need to check if the default BO Enterprise server is present the the EPM-addin user options.
    Find this setting in the Excel ribbon under EPM > Options > User Options
  2. Launch Excel, click EPM > Log On > Create and select the PCM REST Connection from the Connection Type drop-down list
    Connection Name: enter any name you want to give
    Web Server URL: has to be in the format of
    http://<your_pcm_server_name>:<your IIS port>/PCMExcelService/
    p.s. You can test this URL in your browser where you should receive a error like “403 Forbidden access”.
    When you click “Next” on the screen below, the connection will be tested as well.
  3. Specify Login Connection
    PCM Server: PCM primary model server name (as set in PCM Configuration Wizard)
    Sign-On Type:
    • “Default” will revert to default authentication as you have setup in PCM Configuration Wizard (usually standard PCM security)
    • “Enterprise” will revert to BO Enterprise (BI Platform or IPS) authentication with the CM


  4. Select the specific PCM model you want to connect to and click OK
    Tip: Are there no PCM models showing? Then check all the server requirements and client prerequisites above!


Designing the input schedule

  • Best Practice is to include all dimensions in either row, column or page axes.
    OR you can also choose to lock the context for those important dimensions that should be fixed, for example: Measures.
    -> Just remember that another user that opens the report, might have a totally different context.
  • Especially make sure you specify a specific member for ‘Measures’ and ‘Currencies’ dimensions! Otherwise no data might return.ReportDesign.PNG
  • If you have selected a parent member, make sure the appropriate ‘Consolidation Type’ is set from the hierarchy design screen in the PCM Model builder.
  • For input schedules: make sure you are sending data on base level member for each dimension and don’t forget to set the report option that enables data input (EPM > Options > “Use as input”)

Use as Input.PNG

  • Hide irrelevant dimensions from the EPM context pane (as PCM has many dimensions!).

The default context like this:


can quickly be turned into following, by using the EPM-addin Context Options:


  • For dynamically expanding reports & input schedules, make sure you use the EPMFormattingSheet functionality.
  • For ad-hoc reporting, I’ve found it very useful to create a little macro that checks the MEASURE from the context, and then hide/unhide relevant/irrelevant dimensions using for example the API SetContextOptions that comes with the EPM-addin.
  • Check out the EPM-addin academy on SCN & youtube for more tips to create something nice!


  • HTTP 500 Internal Server Error
    • This can be caused by the ISS application pool, see Server requirements above.
  • Excel crashes
    • Check your EPM-addin version, try a higher version.
  • Debugging
    • See the How-To debug EPM-addin guide:
    • Use the FIDDLER web debugging tool on the client to capture the error in the Excel Add-In, then look at the enhanced details in the Web View.
      It might be that you get a “401 – Unauthorized: Access is denied due to invalid credentials” error, this indicates you need to check the authentication / security settings of the PCMExcelService in IIS.

    • Use IIS Manager to locate WEB.CONFIG file associated with the PCMExcelService nod
      You can edit this file and add the field <customErrors> to the <system.web> section like this:
        <customErrors mode=”Off” />

For more information, see the “Support for the EPM Add-in” topic in the “SAP BusinessObjects Profitability and Cost Management 10.0 Master Guide”, as well the “Prerequisite Software” section in the “SAP BusinessObjects Profitability and Cost Management 10.0 Installation Guide”.

SAP Profitability and Cost Management 10.0 – SAP Help Portal Page

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      Author's profile photo Paul Binks
      Paul Binks

      Great article Jef!

      We have just released SP10 for PCM 10 today that allows use of the EPM Add-In in languages other than English as there was an issue if you had a model that contained a Currencies Dimension that was not called "Currencies" - for example, if you create a French model, the EPM Add-In would fail.

      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member

      Hi Paul,

      I was not able to find the release note for SP10.

      Can you share the link to it.



      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member
      Blog Post Author
      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member
      Blog Post Author

      Thanks Paul. I've just added screenshots.
      If you have any more additional information, please let me know!

      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member

      Hi Jef

      Is there an article about connecting SAP FIM & SAP PCM i'am struggling to do it

      I will be very thankful to you .

      Kind regards

      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member
      Blog Post Author

      Next to the standard help documentation, not that I'm aware of.
      But good idea, maybe I'll create one.

      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member

      Hi Jef, I'd like to second Anas' suggestion. 🙂

      Author's profile photo Daulet Ujurganov
      Daulet Ujurganov

      Hi Jef,

      I'm new in PCM. Can you explain me what is difference between your connection type and this - How to connect the EPM Add-In to a PCM model - Enterprise Performance Management - SCN Wiki



      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member
      Blog Post Author

      Mainly that the PCM REST connection is newer, faster and that it supports write-back (save data back) into a PCM model (which the classic PCM connection doesn't provide).

      Author's profile photo Daulet Ujurganov
      Daulet Ujurganov

      Hi Jef, thanks for the response.

      We already did many simplest reports in EPM and save it locally on client machine.

      But how we can import those reports in PCM server, after creating report  "Save" (and open)  buttons is unavailable:


      Example in BPC we login in environment(alike model) and then in EPM menu we open report from server, can we do the same with PCM EPM?

      Author's profile photo Laurent BONAQUE
      Laurent BONAQUE

      Thank you very much, it works.

      However you cannot create the classic PCM connection anymore.

      Author's profile photo Daulet Ujurganov
      Daulet Ujurganov

      Hi Jef,

      can you help me?

      I cannot create PCM REST connection, error:


      Author's profile photo Paul Binks
      Paul Binks


      What happens if you use Internet Explorer to view the following address?




      PCM Development

      Author's profile photo Daulet Ujurganov
      Daulet Ujurganov

      Hi Paul,

      problem was in application pool PCMExcelService that is used ASP.NET 2.0. I changed to 4.0 and it works now.

      But I have new problem - I cannot login, I got error "Wrong csv format" after logon screen:


      I cheched EPM log, and there is:

      2016-04-11 17:58:25,325|ERROR|BPCProxy|FPMXLClient.BPCProxy.Common.Wcf.InterceptorChannelFactory`1+InterceptorRequestChannel.Request||||||22|HTTP request is unauthorized with client authentication scheme 'Anonymous'. The authentication header received from the server was "".#

      2016-04-11 17:58:48,552|ERROR|BPCProxy|FPMXLClient.Connection.RESTConnection.ReadMembers||||||1|Invalid member definition. Member AZ00119, member N° 5 of dimension МВЗ (178 members expected) only has 9 columns, at least 21 expected#

      2016-04-11 17:58:48,573|ERROR|BPC10Connection|FPMXLClient.Connection.RESTConnection.LoadDimensions||||||1|Wrong csv format#

      can you help me?

      Author's profile photo Paul Binks
      Paul Binks


      I have not seen this issue before, so your best course of action would be to try these suggestions (in order):

      1 - create a new PCM model in Model builder as a test because we have not determined that your EPM Addin installation actually works.  Create 2 members in Periods, 2 in Versions, 2 in Responsibility Centers, 2 in Line Items and then try to open this small model in EPM Addin.  If this works, proceed to step 2.  If it fails, proceed to step 4.

      2 - check your faulty model, looking in the Dimension of which AZ00119 is a member to see if there are any unusual characters for the names of the items (question marks, commas, hash symbols, ampersands, tab characters, etc) and temporarily rename any offending items before trying to use EPM Addin again.

      3 - Create a new model for testing.  Export your faulty model to XML, import into the new test model and see if EPM Addin works.

      4 - If the issue is not resolved, please raise a support ticket with landscape information and version numbers of PCM software on the servers, attach a Zipped up copy of your XML file to the ticket and mention that I am aware of this issue and would like a copy of your model for analysis.

      Best Regards,


      PCM Development

      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member

      Good night, what ar the maximum levels that PCM works? Assignments are given in six steps, which are eliminated cost categories one at a time. Regards