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In an MTS scenario MRP always considers requirements on the same date as one requirement.

In order to force MRP to create a separate planned order for each dependent requirement BAdI MD_ADD_ELEMENT method ADD_CHANGE_ELEMENTS can be used.

This is a basic coding which shows how this can basically be achieved. Please consider performance issues, type of call, type of call, etc.

And adjust according to your business requirements.

data: lf_temp_date type DAT00, ls_MDPS type BADI_MDPSX, lf_planr type PLANR.


loop at CH_COPY_MDPSX into ls_MDPS where delkz = ‘SR’. ” whatever requirement you have AR, SM, etc.

     if ls_MDPS-dat00 = lf_temp_date.

          ls_mdps-planr = lf_planr + 1.
          lf_planr = ls_mdps-planr.
            lf_planr = ls_mdps-planr.

      lf_temp_date = ls_mdps-date00


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  1. Former Member

    Hi Ulrich,

      Pl check two possibility whether u r using any lot size for material & second what setting u did in MRP4 view in material master whether individual / collective requirement, put individual requirement and check.

    Amit Awasthi.

  2. Caetano Almeida

    Hi Ulrich

    A solution for this issue has been already asked hundreds of times on this forum. I’ll definitely try your solution in my test system. Thanks for sharing!



    1. Former Member

      Hi Caetano,

      did you try this solution? I’m looking for a method that split purchase requisition for material managed with EX lot size  with same requirement date



  3. Prasath Elumalai

    Hi cetano

    Thanks lot

    By chaging H_COPY_MDPSX into ls_MDPS where delkz = ‘PP’

    multiple planned order has got even same date demand or multiple production version.


    Rename the BAdi as follows,

    In order to force MRP to create a separate planned order for each dependent requirement BAdI MD_ADD_ELEMENTS method ADD_CHANGE_ELEMENTS can be used




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