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Business role Vs PFCG Role : FAQ

In this article, I’d rather try to explain the basic question which arises to  some one start working with Web UI first time and I hope it might help to smooth journey with Web UI.

  • Difference between Business roles and PFCG role:

The business role controls the menu while the PFCG role controls the underlying functional authorizations. In other words the business role controls what links are available for display, while the PFCG role controls the data that can be displayed.

Example: You can have access to say the accounts screen, but not be able to view any account data if you don’t have the authorizations like Authorization or PFCG roles required for Business Role IC_AGENT

     a. SAP_CRM_UIU_FRAMEWORK. This is a basic framework role which is required for all Business Roles.     

     b. SAP_CRM_UIU_IC_AGENT: Apart for this basic role you’ll also need this role to run Interaction Center.

  • Why were Business roles introduced?

Business roles control what links a user can navigate to. There is a PFCG object (UIU_COMP) that can also control links and displays. But that would mean security person would need to maintain several hundred values in the PFCG role. SAP has instead designed business roles for easy maintenance of all the links.

  • Assignment of PFCG role to Business Role:

In customizing transaction SPRO follow the path shown below to access “Define Business Role”


Select you role and click on details icon:


Here you can assign the PFCG role:


  • Is there 1:1 relation between Business role and PFCG role?

Usually there is a 1:1 relation between business roles and PFCG roles. There are cases where this is not suitable. It is then possible to assign the same PFCG role to several business roles in Customizing or even to omit the PFCG role.

  • Steps to assign PFCG role and business role to a new User ?

1. Create an Employee and Assign a User

2. Assign Business Role to User

      • Assigning Business Role to the Position.: – Since you have access to the org model (TA: PPOMA or PPOMA_CRM), you should be able to check that the Business role has been assigned to the position. See section 1 in attached document (Setting up IC) for details.
      • Direct assignment of Business Role to User.: – The above was recommended method of assigning Business roles to User ID’s. You can also assign the business role to User ID for testing purposes. This is in case you do not have access to change org model. See section 2 in attached document (Setting up IC) for details. This setting overrules any other role assignments.

                  3. Assign PFCG role to User

4. Run the Report CRMD_UI_ROLE_ASSIGN to assign PFCG roles to the user based on user assignments in the organizational management

5. Launch the CRM Web UI

You can find the detailed explanation by reading below documents, articles  –  

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Restrict access to business roles in Web UI

Note: – Activating SICF services – Besides assigning authorizations and business roles you might also have to activate SICF services before running IC. In case the SICF services are not already activated – Please refer

1. 1115493 – CRM Web UI: Mandatory SICF services for CRM framework

2. SICF services for CRM WebUI and Interaction Center

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