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Where should my Agentry Question (Discussion) be posted?

Hi All,

It is quite confusing to figure out where certain Mobile Application or Platform questions should go.  There are a large number of Mobile related spaces, each of which might make sense on their faces where questions should go.  Part of the difficulty has to do with the past history of where most of the posts were originally placed.  Some has to do with changes to the application itself, like moving Agentry apps onto the SMP 2.3 or 3.0+ platforms.  This blog is probably the first of several on the general topic of Discussion/Blog/Document placement for various technologies or platforms.  Specifically we will review where Agentry related Discussions should be created.  First some history.

Agentry apps started as Syclo SMART apps prior to SAP acquiring the Syclo company a couple of years ago.  Work Manager is still Work Manager, Inventory Manager is still Inventory Manager, etc.  They have all gone through several iterations since the acquisition and will continue to do so (with one exception).

Prior to, as well as shortly afterwards, the Syclo Resource Center (SRC) was the SCN equivalent for Discussions, Blogs, and Documents.  It also included many documents which were type documents and they soon found their new home there.  Documents and Blogs are still being created or migrated from the SRC by former Syclo (now SAP) employees.  Those who already know Agentry probably know their names well.

There were also several Forums which were part of the SRC which held a lot of institutional knowledge and experience which were eventually migrated to the SAP for Mobile community.  That community was chosen as the most appropriate (and least controversial) location for all things Agentry including the Forum contents.  You can recognize the migrated posts which were all authored by Agentry_SRC, a pseudonym I adopted to keep it separate from my normal secret SCN identity (Michael Appleby).  These posts can also be filtered by the tag, Syclo Resource Center (syclo_resource_center).  Unfortunately, there was no easy way to migrate these posts as separate original Forum posts and their responses, so the original topic and its responses from SRC are concatenated together into single Discussions in SCN SAP for Mobile.

So history has established a default location for Agentry in the SAP for Mobile.  Based mostly on that history, Jan-Gerrit Groeneveld created an Agentry Landing Page there named Agentry is here to stay which contains links to pertinent Agentry Blogs, Documents, and other information sources.  Many people contribute to keeping it current with newly released documents and blogs, including those same former Syclo employees here at SAP and some who have moved on to other challenges.  All of whom are experienced Agentry experts.

When is he going to get to where to post Discussions?  Tired of the history already??

Okay.  Here we go.

  1. For general application development questions on Transmit, Rules, Transactions, Fetches, Config Panel, ANGEL, Objects, Collections, Agentry Editor Plug-In, Eclipse, Push Configuration, Background processing, Data Tables, Complex Tables, Extensibility, etc., use SAP for Mobile.  This is regardless of whether installed on SMP or not.  If the Discussion topic does not depend on the platform, then stick with SAP for Mobile.
  2. For Agentry applications on SMP 2.3, most of the Discussions were and still are in SAP for Mobile, but we are now moving into the gray area of the mix of SMP (platform) and Agentry (applications).
  3. If the Agentry application will be installed on SMP 3.x or above and the topic depends upon the platform including installation of the app, configuration of the platform, security, SCC, moving from Dev to Quality to Prod environments, backend connections (through SMP), or any other topics which depend upon working in the SMP environment, then post in the SAP Mobile Platform Developer Center community.
  4. All Agentry Apps for Maximo (IBM Maximo supplies the backend instead of SAP), use SAP for Mobile.
  5. For the Sales Manager 2.5 application, unless generic to Agentry development (see #1) questions would generally be better served by posting in the SAP CRM: Mobile Applications community.  This application will have no further version updates (at least that is the latest SAP position I have heard).
  6. For Afaria managed devices with Agentry apps, Agentry installed on HANA platform (not sure this has happened yet), and probably a few others that escape my notice right now, by default, use SAP for Mobile, but for the HANA platform, this will probably go to one of the HANA related Developer Center communities (SAP HANA Cloud Platform Developer Center or SAP HANA Developer Center).

I encourage you to agree, disagree, or expand upon this blog.  It is intended to be a living document.  Comments are welcome!


  • For any content created, please, please, please make sure you add appropriate tags ESPECIALLY “agentry”.
  • “syclo” is fine if outdated.
  • Do not use “syclo_resource_center” as that is intended to be reserved for the migrated SRC Forum posts.
  • If you have a specific Agentry application, the appropriate tags are: work_manager, service_manager, inventory_manager, rounds_manager.
  • Post the version if possible using the syntax: application_name_version.SP like work_manager_x.x if available, work_manager_xx if not.  SCN does not allow periods in tags unless they existed prior to one of the early upgrades to the tagging functions a little over a year ago.
  • If Maximo is the backend, add the standalone tag “maximo”.
  • If a platform is involved (#3 above), the provide the version in the tags like “smp_3.0”, “smp_30_sp03”, can add “sap_mobile_platform”, but it adds little value.

I spend a lot of time on a lot of Discussions editing or, more often simply, adding tags and Categories.  [Speaking of Categories, Agentry was considered a platform, but it is not THE SAP Mobile Platform.  Agentry’s Category is SAP Mobile Applications].  It is tedious, but it allows the Agentry (or other topics) experts find the Discussions of interest to them.  Strongly urge you to use tags.  Don’t be limited to just the tags I mentioned and don’t just grab those that are the most common which is the list that you can see.  Most are so generic as to be useless.  If you are having problems installing the Agentry Editor Plugin into Eclipse add the tags “eclipse” and “agentry_editor_plugin_installation_error”.  Once you have a solution, it will be much easier for others to find it within SCN.

Thanks and I hope this helps people out there!

Regards, Mike (Moderator)

SAP Customer Experience Group – CEG

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