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SAP HANA Idea incubator – HANA as SAP CC database

SAP CC as rating and charging system in telco industry requires top performance elements on every level of IT infrastructure.

In case when system rates hundred of thousands and millions of transactions per day every improvement of performance means a lot.

I believe, HANA as in memory database would be that kind of improvement.

Originally, I posted idea in Idea incubator but idea was rejected since it is idea of SAP product improvement but Idea incubator team directed me to Idea Place: Enterprise Home

I posted my idea there.

If you like it and agree with me, support my Idea by voting on it HANA as SAP CC database : View Idea

[edit] Runing SAP CC on HANA would be the best showcase of HANA value as in memory database.

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Since February 2015. HANA can be used as core SAP CC database

– release notes for SP07

SAP Convergent Charging 4.0 – SAP Help Portal Page


SAP Convergent Charging 4.0 – SAP Help Portal Page

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  • Good Mario,

    Finally it is good to see the dream getting realised…. I made a similar presentation to my Organisation in mid 2012 to have all components of BRIM running on one HANA DB.

    Can you imagine how powerfull that will be…. getting ride of all Integrations, middleware, internal webservices etc …. slicing one HANA DB for all components (including BI) and they all can look into the data directly and in real-time.


    BRIM on HANA.png