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Indian Cricket Team Win/Loss Analysis using SAP Lumira

Hello everybody. I am writing this blog as a part of the Data Geek Challenge III under the category Sword of Titans pertaining to Sports and Entertainment.

Here is some of the interesting statistics and Win/Loss analysis of Head-to-Head record of Indian National Cricket team against various opponents in different formats during the span of 1975 – 2014.

SAP Lumira provides various analytical components like 3D Chart, 100% Stacked Chart, Tag Cloud, Funnel Chart, Trees, Geographical Bubble Chart. Its exclusive way of creating Datasets has been extremely simplified, Visualization is designer-friendly, creating country & region wise Geo-Hierarchies, Calculated Col., etc is great.

Lets have a look at some of the Visualizations created in SAP Lumira and can be saved locally or on Cloud.

a.) 3-D Chart to analyse the Overall Head-to-Head Record

Here you can see the 3D bars indicating the Won/Loss/Tied levels across different formats like ODI, Tests, T20.

3D Chart.png

b.) 100% Stacked chart showing Win/Loss ratios

stacked chart.png

c.) Using Game Format as Row Trelis

It gives a clear visulization regarding the number of matches Played/Won/Loss/Draw against various opponents in different formats.

Matches by Format and Country.png

d.) Geographical Analysis of Indian Cricket Team Performance


e.) Funnel Chart ranking the opponents defeated by Indian Team.

The order set here is Team India’s best ranked performance against these opponents.

Funnel chart.png

f.) Tag Cloud showing the Team India performance rank against opponents

The color coding and word length here is according to the Win % of Team India.

Tag bubble.png

g.) Format wise Tree Diagrams

You can create tree diagrams to see in which format and against which country Team India has played a game as of Date.


h.) Rank in the dataset and show it Geographically.

You can the rank the Attributes according to the conditions/orders and use it in Visualizations. Here I had ranked Top 10 Partnerships against various opponents and shown it in Geo Bubble Chart.


Apart from all the above visualization styles, there are more you can explore, visualize, create stories/boards and save it locally or on Lumira cloud.

Analysis Tool used: SAP Lumira

Dataset : SAP HANA Analytic View

Data available at: Indian National Team Stats

Thanks a lot for going through the blog !

All the best for the DATA GEEK CHALLENGE !



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