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IBM Netezza integration with SAP HANA for Smart Data Access

Netezza, which is now part of IBM Pure Data Systems, is Suite of solutions having Data Warehousing, Analytics, Big Data, Operational Analytics, Transactional system management.

With SAP HANA SPS08, we are supporting IBM Netezza as one of the source databases configurable with SAP HANA as part of Smart Data Access technology.


IBM Netezza is a very big suite of solutions which costs a lot of money for license to have full-blown software in the landscape. But IBM provides a Software Emulator Version which is available for Developers for non-productive usage. The software emulator is an emulated appliance that runs both a virtual host and a virtual S-Blade. We will be discussing about the installation and configuration of Software Emulator version only. For installing actual solution, please refer the IBM Netezza PureData systems website.

Points before you proceed for installation:

  • This document explains steps of installation on Windows environment only.
  • It is important you install all the components on a Physical Machine.
  • Consider to have a static IP for the machine where you are going to install Emulator.

The general installation procedure involves following components:

The VMware Player and VIX API (if you are not installing VMware Workstation) are prerequisites for Emulator. First let’s discuss the installation of the same.


Note: Download 6.0.3 version to avoid version mismatch later.

Note: : Download 1.13 version to avoid version mismatch later.


VMware workstation includes both Player and VIX API, so you can download the same from:

  • Next step is to install Player followed by VIX. It’s a straight forward procedure. Just double click on the setups and follow the instructions. Keep the default values in the all the stages.

3. INSTALLING Netezza Emulator:

Login with your IBM ID (if you don’t have it, create one for yourself which hardly takes 2 min)

And download IBM Netezza Software Emulator for Developers v7.0 for Windows w/Analytics v2.5 in the listed softwares


And download the using http:


  • Some System requirements are:

                   64 bit machine: Because the Emulator is based on NPS software that was built specifically for 64 bit Intel, Emulator requires a 64 bit machine

                   Processor: 4 processor cores (or 2 with HT) with Intel VT or AMD-V support. Instructions for accessing a BIOS on Windows and configuring can                    be found at

                   Memory: 4GB or Greater (Host and S-Blade use 3GB total)

                   Hard Disk: 180GB+ Free Space (it grows as you load data so you can run on less if you are using smaller data sets)

  • Double click on the installer which automatically detects VM Player installed in the system. Keep defaults values during the installation. Only thing to take care is to select the ‘Network Adaptor’ to ‘Bridged’ mode. Otherwise the Netezza Host will use internal IP address, so that we can’t connect it with outer IP address.

4. Post Installation Steps:

  • Start Software Emulator from Start à  Programs à  IBM PureData Systems


  • Start VMware Player and VIX from the Start Menu


  • Now in the Emulator Click on “ Start” Button which should start VM Player. Once Player is running, you should get below screen:



You may encounter an error while starting Player:


–> This error pops up usually because the Virtualization is not enabled for System. This can be enabled in BIOS setup


  • Restart the Emulator, after checking that, Connection type is set to Bridged in Tools à Preferences:


  • Make sure that VIX API also started. Both your HOST and SPU should have been started.
  • Check the Emulator logs that your Emulator is correctly started. Once everything is successful, Emulator status should be shown as Online.

Note: If did not get the status as Online or if you see some errors in the log, then try restarting the Host or SPU or Emulator.



5. Configuring with SAP HANA:

Below Steps are run on Linux system where your SAP HANA system is installed:

# isql –help

unixODBC 2.3.2

  • create directory for netezza driver

      mkdir -p /opt/netezza

  • untar driver pkg

tar -zxvf ./nz-linuxclient-v7.0-P7.tar.gz

  • install driver

cd linux64

/linux64> ./unpack
IBM Netezza — NPS Linux Client 7.0.P7
(C) Copyright IBM Corp. 2002, 2013  All Rights Reserved.

Validating package checksum … ok

Where should the NPS Linux Client be unpacked? [/usr/local/nz] /opt/netezza

0% 25% 50% 75%          100%

          –> This has installed Netezza driver in /opt/netezza

  • Create DSN entry in .odbc.ini  (/usr/sap/<SID>/home/.odbc.ini)


Driver                = /opt/netezza/lib64/

Servername            =  <IP Addess of Netezza system>

Port                  = 5480

database = <Database>

Username              = <UserName of Database>

Password              = <Password>

UnicodeTranslationOption = utf16

CharacterTranslationOption = all

  • Create an entry in .odbcinst.ini (/usr/local/etc/odbcinst.ini) also

[ODBC Drivers]

NetezzaSQL = Installed


Driver           = /opt/netezza/lib64/

Setup            = /opt/netezza/lib64/

APILevel         = 1

ConnectFunctions = YYN

Description      = Netezza ODBC driver

DriverODBCVer    = 03.51

DebugLogging     = false

LogPath          = /tmp

UnicodeTranslationOption = utf16

CharacterTranslationOption = all

PreFetch         = 25600

Socket           = 16384

  • Run:  # isql -v FED_DSN_UI_NETEZZA

               which will successfully connect to your Netezza Emulator and display SQL Prompt

  • Create a Remote Source in HANA Studio:


          –> Run Connection Check to see that you can successfully connect to Netezza from SAP HANA Studio.

You can add Tables in the Netezza as Virtual Tables in SAP HANA and explore data as part of Smart Data Technology.

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      Author's profile photo Holger Stumm
      Holger Stumm

      Hi Sadanant,

      thanks for this elaborate blogs. I think that the role of these environements for Big Data is highly underestimated. We will see much more projects with IBM Netezza or - similiar - IBM BigInsights (With Hadoop etc). It is quickly dismissed as "just commercials". But everyone using HANA should have a closer look at the IBM products. There is great and leading technology involved.

      And as for the price - ok, you won't put that on your laptop at home. But compared to SAP HANA, Netezza is a bargain.. It is just a question of the point of view..

      Thanks for the blog


      Author's profile photo Sadanand Bhat
      Sadanand Bhat
      Blog Post Author

      Hi Holger,

      Thanks for your comments.

      Yes, you are right. I feel the industry around BigData is still evolving and its just a beginning for companies to understand the power of Large systems with BigData. Time is not far!

      As far my blog for Emulator version is concerned they are concentrated on individual developers and freelancers who want to give SAP HANA integration with Netezza.