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Some times there is a need to do a source scan of smart forms .

The recent needs that triggers this blog entry is here: How to remove hardcoded values in smartforms

Program Y_R_EITAN_TEST_31_08 (attached) is my attempt .

The program goes through the selected smart forms based on table stxfadm ,

For each form it extract xml document representing the form .

The XML document is iterated and each node is checked against the selection screen parameters.

The filtered nodes are presented using cl_salv_table .

(I did said it is basic…. πŸ˜‰ )




Update 2014/09/10

This morning (While shaving…) I got an idea that might help a little .

Since if_ixml_node has get_parent() I can get them all .

I want to know where are the styles used ?

The source was updated .



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  1. Ravi Shankar


    I want the name of the standard include alone that is used in the smartforms.

    Can you please share that how to acheive this.

    Thanks in advance for your help.


    Ravi Shankar.L

      1. Ravi Shankar


        Generally  if we create text in smart form,We are allowed to choose type of the text,

        1. Include Text

        2.Text Element

        3.Text Module

        4.Dynamic Text,

        I that I need to find out what all are the texts created with Include text addition to that need  window and node details of it.

        In Some cases Include text name will be determined in the program and passed by

        &STXH-CTDNAME& /wp-content/uploads/2014/09/1_536715.png


        1. Ravi Shankar

          Only need the full details about include text creation.

          Your program works fine for text elements.

          But it not adding additional information like window name,Node and page number.

          Thanks for understanding.


          Ravi Shankar.L

        2. Eitan Rosenberg Post author


          If you use the program without any filter do you see your Include Texts ?

          I am afraid that I do not have the time to do any more work on this program .

          It is basic but feel free to modify it to your needs.


  2. Jānis B

    Excellent stuff, thank you very much Eitan!

    In this particular case I’d have found Forms I was looking for due to generation errors in mass generation, but your program was faster and it works for text modules as well! πŸ™‚


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