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SAP Fiori Application Integration with SAP Enterprise Portal


The purpose of this blog post is to explain and demonstrate how to integrate an SAP Fiori application into SAP Enterprise Portal.

This blog post is for portal developers and administrators who would like to learn about the tasks required to integrate SAP Fiori applications in Portal. In only a few steps you can easily add a SAP Fiori application to Portal.

This capability is applicable only for a subset of Fiori transactional applications, which are self-contained in nature and do not require contextual services. These are typically e.g. Employee or Manager Self Services. See details in SAP Note #2103156

What’s the Problem?

Actually there are a few problems we need to address:

  • Fiori (Wave II and above) applications are called via a URL location fragment. Therefore, a simple form submission is not sufficient here.
  • Fiori applications are protected against click-jacking attacks; this prevents them from being rendered in an iFrame.
  • Extra parameters need to be forwarded to the application to ensure it runs in standalone mode.

Standard use of the Application Integrator (UI5 iView) is not possible – precisely because of the problems listed above.

The Solution

We have created a new iView template in the portal: SAP Fiori iView. By using this iView, you will be able to call a specific Fiori application running on an ABAP back-end system and run it within the portal framework.


  • Your Enterprise Portal version is:
    • 7.3 EHP 1 SP 13 and above
    • 7.4 SP 8 and above
  • Your back-end server has SAP Fiori Launchpad SP 8 or above
  • You have made sure that both the portal server and the ABAP server can be reached via the same URL (including the server name). This can be achieved by using a SAP Web Dispatcher.

How to configure a web dispatcher (example)

We need to access both servers via the same URL. Therefore, we set up a web dispatcher.

So, we configure it such that:

For the client, it seems as if, both the portal and the Fiori application are on the same server.

So, How to Integrate a Fiori Application into Portal

In this example:

The Fiori app can be accessed directly from:

Since the web dispatcher is already set up it also can be accessed from:



  1. Create a system object and give it an alias, such as ‘WEBSIDP’. This system will actually points to on the same URL we are using to access the portal – the web dispatcher.
  2. Enter the following mandatory settings for this system object:
    1. SAP Client: 123
    2. ICM Protocol: http
    3. Web AS Host Name:
    4. Set the system HTTP Security Session to be on. See SAP KBA #1717945 for details.
    5. You can set other properties too according to your needs.
  3. Create a Fiori iView.
    1. In Content Administration, create a new iView from template and select SAP Fiori iView.
    2. Go through the wizard, choose a name for your iView, and then click Next.
    3. In the next screen, fill in the details as follows (according to the example):
      • System: WEBSIDP (this is the system alias we defined before)
      • Relative Path for SAP Fiori Application: sap/bc/ui5_ui5/ui2/ushell/shells/abap/FioriLaunchpad.html
      • Parameters to Pass on the Location String in the URL: Shell-runStandaloneApp?sap-ushell-SAPUI5.Component=cus.crm.opportunity&sap-ushell-url=/sap/bc/ui5_ui5/sap/crm_opprtnty
        • If you leave this field blank you will simply get the SAP Fiori Launchpad (FLP).
      • SAP Fiori Application Header: You can choose one of the following:
        • No Header – you will not see the FLP header, personalization will be off (disclaimer: supported as of ABAP Add-on SP10)
        • Minimal Header – You will have the FLP header with functions that match embedded mode, personalization will be enabled (supported as of ABAP add-on SP9)
    4. Click Next, then Finish.
    5. Once this is done you can preview the iView. All the properties that you entered with the wizard are still available via the iView property editor under the category ‘Content – Fiori’
    6. Unless you have a custom theme maintained in the portal that is suitable for an SAPUI5 application, set the Hand Over Portal Style Sheet property on the iView to false. The Fiori application will be rendered with the default theme of the application, as it is on the back-end system.

That’s it. You’re done. All you need to do now is add the iView to a Role and assign it to your end users.



  • See SAP Note #2017946 – SAP Fiori application integration with NetWeaver Portal.
  • The official SAP documentations are here.
  • SAP recommends accessing both Portal and ABAP BE via the same URL. If you wish to do otherwise you will have to modify your FioriLaunchpda.html on the BE server. Please refer to SAP Note #2057847 for detailed information.
  • Creating Trust Between Portal and Back-End Systems – see more info here.
  • It is recommended to run Fiori iView in the portal content area only in HTML5 (Standards) supported framework page. If your end-users framework page is not supporting standards document mode rendering, and your end-users are using Internet Explorer, set the Fiori iView to launch in a new headerless portal window that support Standards mode. See SAP note #1737445 for more details.


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    • Hi,

      It’s running in all portal FWPs – mobile or non mobile.

      BTW – if you want to use portal on Mobile I can suggest to check out the new Fiori Framework Page. It’s a portal FWP built on Fiori Launch Pad UI amd the tiles are iViews… One of the iView can be a Fiori app 🙂

      • Can you or someone clarify following: what can be achieved by ugrading to 7.4 and Fiori Launchpad for SAP portal?

        If currently having a portal below 7.3 and you are running typical portal contents: uwl, bw-reports, WDA-applications (MSS,ESS,…), BO-reports, Webgui/SAPgui iViews,…

        After upgrade, Can all the previous portal contents be run with FLP for Portal? I haven’t seen how an ESS WDA application looks as tile in the FLP, but don’t they all should appear like tiles in FLP if FLP will act as single entry point for all portal content? Or do you need to use other (=old) portal entry point to access content that FLP does not support?

        Surely not all old portal content can be used in mobile devices, because for example WDA’s do not run in mobile nor SAPGUI/Webgui transactions (they are run by NWBC and NWBC does not run on mobile). I’d like to see matrix that says, what portal content is supported by FLP and what portal content can be mobilized. Surely you can run Fiori apps in mobile but then you also need acquire those apps (despite they are free) and those are no longer ‘old content’ but new content.

        In my opinion there not yet one holistic solution that enables to mobilize your old portal content, while not all content is possible to be mobilized.

        • Hello Kimmo,

          Thanks for this question. Please accept my apologies for not seeing it before.

          Your observation is correct – all content types running in the Portal as iViews is available and can be easily configured to be launched from FLP for Portal.

          As for the mobility aspect – having the FLP running on mobile devices does not automatically enable the content (iViews) to run on mobile. What the FLP provides is the means for the administrator to control via configuration which content will be available on which device or desktop. This capability is essential for utilizing the FLP cross-device feature, while leveraging the usage of established UI technologies (=old) that are not mobile enabled.

          I hope this answers your question.



        • Hi kimmo,

          Good Morning!!

          I am integrating fiori desktop with SAP Portal 7.4 SP 9 Patch00000, I have created SAP Fiori /UI5 Iview assign to specific role as per our requirement, here We have a requirement them (fiori iview)to enable in SAP portal FLP via entire device’s (desktop,Iphone, Tablet ).I implemented successful but while i am checking iPhone & Androd phone these iView’s have been  created is not showing in Catalog page in SAP FLP Portal.But same i am checking tablet & desktop is showing all Iviews as tiles in Catalog page ..

          Please advise me how to enable them in ipHone & ANdroid also filnd the server info as given below..

          Thank you in Advance !!!

          SAP Portal- EP 7.4 SP 9 Patch0000

          SAP Gateway- SRM ADD ON 1 SP 6

          SAP UI5 in portal-1.24

          SAP UI5 Fiori-1.28. for SRM APPS SHOPPING CART

          Best Reagrads,

          Sudhir JAti

      • Hi Ido,

        Good Morning!!

        I am integrating fiori desktop with SAP Portal 7.4 SP 9 Patch00000, I have created SAP Fiori /UI5 Iview assign to specific role as per our requirement, here We have a requirement them (fiori iview)to enable in SAP portal FLP via entire device’s (desktop,Iphone, Tablet ).I implemented successful but while i am checking iPhone & Androd phone these iView’s have been  created is not showing in Catalog page in SAP FLP Portal.But same i am checking tablet & desktop is showing all Iviews as tiles in Catalog page ..

        Please advise me how to enable them in ipHone & ANdroid also filnd the server info as given below..

        Thank you in Advance !!!

        SAP Portal- EP 7.4 SP 9 Patch0000

        SAP Gateway- SRM ADD ON 1 SP 6

        SAP UI5 in portal-1.24

        SAP UI5 Fiori-1.28. for SRM APPS SHOPPING CART

        Best Reagrads,

        Sudhir JAti

  • Hello Ido,

    Can you please just explain what are the benefits of FLP integration into EP ? I’m just wondering why running FLP in standalone doesn’t always fit customer needs …


    • Hi Simon,

      The simple answer is: to maintain one entry point.

      Fiori at this stage covers a small subset of the overall content that is required by the business. IT organizations that have EP today wants to keep the Portal as te main entry point and have an entry from EP to the FLP. (and then they need AI capabilities to keep it harmonized: session, globalization, theming..)


  • Hi Ido,

    Refer to your blog “SAP Fiori Application Integration with SAP Enterprise Portal”, the example you have given for the iView properites as below:Parameters to Pass on the Location String in the URL: Shell-runStandaloneApp?sap-ushell-SAPUI5.Component=cus.crm.opportunity&sap-ushell-url=/sap/bc/ui5_ui5/sap/crm_opprtnty

    So, if I want to integrate the Fiori app My Timesheet (HCM_TS_CRE), what is the right parameter value for sap-ushell-SAPUI5.Component? Where can find the full list for the sap-ushell-SAPUI5.Component value?


    Best Regards,

    Swee-Tiong Ng

    • Hello,

      Fiori iview isn’t available on my SAP EP SP07 and it seems that we have to upgrade our SQL Server DB from 2008 to 2012 🙁

      Is there another way to have the Fiori iview please ?


    • Hi Swee-Tiong,

      when you know the BSP name (HCM_TS_CRE), you can usually derive the full path to the BSP, which is located under /sap/bc/ui5_ui5/sap/, in this case /sap/bc/ui5_ui5/sap/hcm_ts_cre. Append “/Component.js” to this path are get this resource e.g. using a web browser. The JavaScript file will usually start with something like the following:“hcm.emp.mytimesheet.Component”);

      Here’s the UI5 component name you’re looking for (the declared module name without the “.Component” suffix).

      Best regards

      Heiko Ettelbrück

  • Hi Ido,

    thanks for this overview. Here’s a few items that you might want to add/clarify in your text to avoid the confusion I had until I could clarify this myself:

    1. Which system template should I use? I used “SAP system with load balancing”, which works fine. (I suspect it’s not relevant whether it’s the template for load balancing or for a specific application server?)
    2. Which property of the system template should contain the HTTP(S) port? => Solution found on Portal System Object Properties – Web AS – Portal – SCN Wiki: The Web AS Hostname property must be maintained as <Hostname:Port>.

    Best regards


    • Hi Heiko,

      You’re right but I don’t want to create some duplicate documentation for AI content creation. These are pre-requisites for all AI iViews and not specific to Fiori iView only. All this information is available via the standard AI content creation documentation @



  • Hi Team,

    This is an Excellent and informative Blog .

    I came across it while I have been trying to find the solution to an issue.


    I need to create a UI5 iView and I am aware of the steps to do it.

    As per the process to follow, I do not have the UI5 iView template under : Content Admin> Portal Content  Management > Portal Applications >


    SAP Netweaver Portal 7.3 , SP 10


    can I create a UI5 iView with the Portal Version? Can I use URL iview to integrate UI5 Application ?

    Do I need to upgrade the existing Portal version of 7.3 SP10  to make it Portal 7.3 SP13?

    Many Thanks,


    • This is UI5 iView you’re looking for and not Fiori, right?

      UI5 iView should be available for your version. See SAP note #1708020

      Look under

        • Hi Richa,

          This is strange because the iView should be there at your version.

          Are you looking for it under the “Portal Applications” branch in the content managment? Can you assign a snap shot of what’s under the this branch?

  • Hi Ido,

    To integrate the fiori application on portal, is it necessary to install sap web dispatcher.

    In our current system, different url is used to access Portal and ABAP server and the web dispatcher is not installed yet.



    • Basically it is… not necessarily SAP web dispatcher but some sort of a dispatcher is needed.

      Or as I wrote in one of the notes above:

      • SAP recommends accessing both Portal and ABAP BE via the same URL. If you wish to do otherwise you will have to modify your FioriLaunchpda.html on the BE server. Please refer to SAP Note #2057847 for detailed information.



      • Hi Ido,

        I referred the note #2057847, if we do not need to install the web dispatcher . For modifying the Fiorilaunchpad.html we are not getting the file to the below mentioned path on the server.

        BSP /UI2/USHELL Folder /shells/abap/FioriLaunchpad.html

        In our case the BE server is ECC server. Till the /UI2/USHELL its showing the path but after that we are not able to find the Folder /shells/abap/FioriLaunchpad.html.

        Can you pl help in how to modify the FioriLaunchpad.html.

  • In general, for deploying SAP Fiori apps, SAP recommends a central hub installation of the Netweaver Gateway (or today called Front-End-Server). With the scenario SAP Portal with Fiori LaunchPad, the Netweaver Gateway is embedded in the portal’s AS ABAP, am I right? Is that then to be considered as ‘HUB installation of the NGW? Or is there still a need to have another NWG hub installation supporting other entry point for all Fiori apps (“normal” Fiori LaunchPad as we see in many Fiori demos) for all Fiori apps)?

    Some clarification: Regarding the ‘ABAP back-end’ term you have referred, do you mean NWG residing on the portal’s Netweaver 7.4 AS ABAP or Business Suite? NWG is called Front-End-Server today. NWG can be deployed embedded in the Business Suite but is not recommended option.

    Regards, Kimmo

    • just in case: surely I know Portal runs on Java-stack. I just thought that scenario FLP for Portal, also the ABAP-stack is installed on the same server and therefore I called it ‘Portal’s AS ABAP’. If NGW not on the same server as portal, then where? Back-end e.g Business Suite? That is not SAP’s recommendation for NWG, a hub installation is.

      • Hi Kimmo,

        I hope I understood you question well…

        This solution is intended for EP customer that would like to use their existing EP (yes java stack) to run a specific Fiori app (from their ABAP BE) embedded in their portal. We also support running the Fiori Launch Pad (FLP) using this iView inside the portal, simply by not pointing any specific application when defining the iView propery ‘Parameters to Pass on the Location String in the URL‘,  you will get what we call a ‘Fiori Island” meaning – FLP with all the Fiori apps from the ABAP BE embedded inside your Portal.



    • Hello Bertrand,

      did you use the same hostname (from browser’s point of view) for EP and the Fiori ABAP front-end server (e.g. by using a web dispatcher as described by Aviad)? If the hostnames were not the same, then I assume the click-jacking protection mentioned by Aviad is the reason why you got a blank page. See note for details.

      Best regards


    • Hi Bertrand,

      did you solve your problem?

      I am currently experiencing a similar (same?) issue:

      I’ve set up a Web Dispatcher to point to the the portal and the ABAP system as well, just as described in this blog post. This is working fine.

      But when opening preview of Fiori App Integrator iView, I get a error message on browser’s console saying

      Uncaught ClickjackingProtectionError: Clickjacking protection prevented the Fiori Launchpad to load in a frame

      … although accessing all through the Web Dispathcer’s URL.

      Maybe is it the problem that my Web Dispatcher rewrites the browsers URLs to the redirected ones? So when opening


      I am automatically redirected to


      and vice versa


      gets redirected to


      In advance, thanks for your help!


      • Hi Sascha,

        do you really mean a “redirect” from browser point of view (http code 302), i.e. the browser sees the actual URLs of <portal> and <abap>? The whole point of the click-jacking protection is that the FioriLaunchpad.html does not allow being embedded (via IFRAME) into a page that is served from another domain, i.e. the same origin policy applies here. Embedding should be fine if the hostnames of the URLs to <portal> and <abap> pages are the identical – and, in the case of redirects (seen by the browser), this applies to the URLs that finally deliver the pages.

        => Technically, the web dispatcher must not redirect (i.e. tell the browser different URLs from where to load these pages), but fetch them from Portal and ABAP system on its own and then return the results to the browser.

        The pattern is like described in the last two (non-comment) lines of the last example on User Interface Add-On for SAP NetWeaver – SAP Library, just with different path patterns, of course (/irj goes to Portal, /sap might be sufficient to point to ABAP).

        If I didn’t get your point, please give me a hint on what I misunderstood.

        Best regards


        • Just to be sure: Do you have the minimal EP version as mentioned in the blog above? The reason I ask is because it’s not only the pure URL comparison (=> same origin) which controls whether you see the Fiori launchpad in the EP or not, but there is also some code on the EP side required (to allow the launchpad to determine the URL of the EP frame).

  • Thank you for all the great information. I am currently at Portal 7.3 EHP1 SP14 and I have all the Fiori Framwork and Iviews available. I have been able to get the Fiori Mobile landing page using the Framework and Iviews. Our ECC backend does not have any of the fiori apps loaded at this time. We are on ECC EHP6 FOR SAP ERP 6.0 731.

    I only want to launch on mobile devices, using the Portal, the fiori apps released by SAP to run in the Portal Iview mode. The requirements above stated that ECC required SAP Fiori Launchpad SP 8 or above,


    What is contained in  SAP Fiori Launchpad SP 8 ? I have found Fiori ERP Applications X1/X2 etc. Can you please give some additional information about this requirement.

    Thank you


  • Hi Ido,

    great topic. I am working to get this running on my portal.

    I have 7.4 SPS9 HF0 and FLP enabled on portal.

    I made  4 iviews that show up fine in my portal Fiori launchpad.

    However, when I click them, the iview is opening TWICE in a new tab/window.

    This also happens for a service map iview, not only for Fiori iviews.

    It has some kind of frame. Frame is not filled for Fiori views.

    This happens when just calling the internal portal URL, but also when using a reverse proxy.

    Is there anything I could have overseen in the FLP framework page ?

    I have:

    • created the alias and adjusted the master rule collection for it.
    • set the iview properties:
      • Launch in new window: Display in separate headerless portal window (standard mode)
      • Object ID of Device Group:;;;

    When calling internally I get 404 errors in the IE developer tool for below URL parts:
















    Do you have any hints for me ?



    • Hi Ulf,

      It sounds like the problem is related to the application that launch the Fiori iViews / the framework page that you are using.

      Normally what you describe, happens when there are two portal framework pages embedded in a same page.

      This causes the navigation event scripts to be downloaded twice and catch a navigation event twice – what open two windows.

      It would be more clear if you describe the scenario in steps and add a screenshot of the navigation before the problematic navigation (the one that launches the application with the links to the Fiori iView).

      In addition, which framework page are you using, FLP, AFP? Is it customized?

      Does the problem happen in mobile / desktop scenario?


      Tamar Koner

      • Hello Tamar,

        I am using the standard Fiori Framwork page/FLP  with all the usual configuration.

        The problem happens in desktop scenario.

        In mobile, the tiles do not show up at all. That’s another issue we are facing.


        • Hi ULf, I am facing same issue as you faced earilers .Please advise me.. I have a requirement to implement SRM shopping cart fiori apps with SAP portal, I tried to configure according  your blog I can say it was nice. But unfortunately it’s neither working portal with window type standard mode nor working FLP desktop (portal/Desktop) with Blank page. Also I am trying to open fiori iView in Portal via iPhone /Tablet/Smartphone, It’s showing blank tile (iView) though it’s showing all (Fiori IView)in Desktop. Please guide me and advise me this. SAP Portal- EP 7.4 SP 9 Patch0000 SAP Gateway- SRM ADD ON 1 SP 6 SAP UI5 in portal-1.24 SAP UI5 Fiori-1.28. Thank you in Advance and support lot. Really appreciate quick response Best Regards, SUdhir Jati

  • Hi Ido,

    I have followed your steps..But when I attach the iView to a role and launch via the Portal, I get a run time error.

    Checking the logs mentions “Deprecated scope of type SERVERSESSION_AT_LEAST_ONE_APP_SCOPE is used! Please replace the usage of scopes with new mechanism based on “Cross application session communication API”.

    What am I missing ?


    Rajan Murthy

  • Hi Ido

    Very nice Blog.  But I have specific question about Web Dispatcher configuration.

    We are using Central HUB for NWG 7.4

    We already have SAP EP 7.31 connected to backend ECC EHP5 for other applications like Vistex. It is using BSP/WEBGUI and using the path /sap


    Any suggestion on the path to use in web dispatcher to access them all together based on applications.

    Thank you

    Santosh L.

  • Hello Ido,

    Great blog, I was able to follow it and complete all the steps. Everything
    works as expected except one small issue, the page/tiles in the Fiori Framework
    Page are always getting opened in new page irrespective of what we configure at
    iView level.. This seems to be hardcoded since i can see the NavMode=3 when the
    new page opens up.

    Is there any workaround for this ? I am looking for them to open in same
    window so that users can use back button on the header bar and overall
    navigation would be seamless similar to backend Launchpad..


    We are on Portal 7.4 SP9 and ECC EHP7 latest fiori add-ons are installed


    Thanks a lot for the help.



    • Hi Seshu,

      Currently it will always open in new window, in upcoming versions in-place navigation will be available, we already implemented it and we are just waiting for it to be tested and released.



    • Hello Seshu,

      It`s great to see that you are using the Fiori iView and the Fiori FWP!

      Regarding the Navigation modes in FFP (Fiori Framework Page) – Starting NW7.31 SP15 \ NW7.4 SP10 (released in beginning of March) we support nav mode 0 (in-place). Before these versions we support nav mode 3 (new-window in quirks mode) and 10 (new-window in standards mode).

      For Portal content integrated into FFP we don`t yet support the FLP header back button. this is currently in development.

      Starting NW7.31 SP16 \ NW7.4 SP11 (released in May) we allow consumption of ABAP catalogs and groups managed in the FLPD. this way you will be able to integrate any Fiori application (not only subset of Fiori transactional apps).

      Have a great day,


      Product Owner | NW Enterprise Portal

      • Thanks Hani for the information. Looks like two most important features that we are looking for 1) In Place Navigation for tablets/mobiles 2) Back Button support during in place navigation are being developed in 7.4 SP11. Thanks again for the details..

        • Hello Seshu,

          Please see note 2031108 “SAP Fiori Integration with SAP Enterprise Portal – Central note” to get an overview of the relevant features availability according to EP versions. You can learn about every feature through the respective related note.

          Regarding the back button – it is not part of 7.31 SP16 and 7.4 sp11, as it is currently in development.

          Have a great day,


          Product Owner | NW Enterprise Portal

          • Good afternoon, Shani.

            Above it is always about Static App Launcher Tiles. Do you plan to implement the support of Dynamic App Launcher Tiles for future versions of EP?

            As far as I can see that the portal FLP is always behind ABAP FLP. Since we plan to implement mobile access to the portal, we would like to get the same functionality of the portal and ABAP. Are there plans to do something about this situation? Or it will be better to use ABAp Deployment Options?

          • Hello Dmitry,

            Starting NW 7.31 SP16 (released in May 29th) and NW 7.4 SP11 (released in June 1st), EP support Dynamic tiles as well.

            Moreover, we allow consumption of ABAP catalogs and groups into FLP on EP. Using this capability you can integrate and merge catalogs and groups created through FLP Designer in the ABAP Front-End-Server side-by-side with EP content.

            You can have one URL from all devices, to render different content types (ABAP and EP) according to filtering you will maintain.

            Once the above SP`s will be released we will publish a detailed blog explaining the new capabilities. You can follow me in SCN and get a notification once it is published.

            Have a great day,


            Product Owner | NW Enterprise Portal

  • Hi, we are facing an issue while trying to open any of the apps from the tiles.

    Our landscape consists of a portal server on a NW 7.4 SP8 and an ABAP server on NW 7.4 SP9 with SAP_UI SP11.

    We have configured a FLP in portal. We don´t have a separate WebDispatcher and we are accessing through the portal. We can access the FLP and we are able to select the apps. The problem comes when we want to execute them. A new window is opened but the layout displays incorrectly or empty.


    Actually what we would like to do is to open the ABAP FIORI Launchpad directly from the Portal as we have configured the catalogs and groups from there, without having to configure the FLP again from the Portal.

    We don´t know why the new window is unable to render the pages correctly.

    Your help will be much appreciated.



      • Hi Ulf, is the upgrade mandatory? As per the requirements in this blog, NW 7.4 SP8 should be sufficient to make it work. Upgrades are not so easy to handle as other things can be affected.

        In case it is required, is there a requisition as well for the ABAP gateway? Do both servers have a minimum level correspondence.



          • Hi Della,

            Set to empty “Hand Over Portal Stylesheet” property. I think this is program error since if this property is setted then portal submit CSS URL fo sap_blue_crystal theme to the GW. But under this URL CSS is unavailable into portal.

          • Hi, even though we fixed the above issue, now we are facing a new one only when accesing through the phone, and not through the PC.

            We have configured Portal Launchpad to show a tile to access the Fiori Gateway Launchpad. Once we launch the Gateway Launchpad, the portal header bar hides making it impossible to go back to home or to log out.

            Configuration is the same in portal for the phone and pc access.

            Any idea why this could happen?



          • Hi Leandro,

            The headerbar collapse on mobile when running Fiori apps. Would you expect to control from each app wheather it would be collapsed or not?


            Itay Sagiv

            SAP FLP Team

          • Hi Itay, actually if that´s possible it would be great to know, but for now we just want to have the bar as without it you are not able to go back to the home page of the portal launchpage or to logoff for example.

            With the current behaviour, if I´m inside the Gateway launchpad and want to go back to the portal launchpad, I can only use the back button from the phone as there is no back button on the gateway launchpad. When doing this, I don´t go straight to the portal launchpad but to a blank page with no buttons or tiles or header. I have to press the back button again to efectively go to the portal launchpad. I understand that this should work with only one back click, not two, and this option is in fact better to have than the header bar.

            What I need is to have a user friendly behaviour, to be able to go back and forward from all the screens and not having the end users to guess what they have to do or to confuse them.



  • Thank you for the great blog,

    I have been able to implement a dispatcher so that both ABAP and Portal use the same URL, create a Fiori Iview with the ABAP Launchpad. When I preview the Iview in the Portal Content area, the  ABAP Launchpad and the Tiles appear and function properly.

    That is great, But my problem is:

    I created  a Role and placed the IView inside the Role and gave the role to myself.

    The Role appears, the Name of the IView appears, but no content(ABAP Launchpad) is displayed. I only get an empty screen. 

    The Portal is at 7.31 SP14

    Any helpful hints would be appreciated,

    Thank you


    • Hi Sarah,

      please check the browser console (typically in the browser’s developer tools, available via F12) whether you find a message like the following there:

      Uncaught ClickjackingProtectionError: Clickjacking protection prevented the Fiori Launchpad to load in a frame

      In that case, as you mentioned you have already “same origin”, you might lack an EP patch that supports the postMessage() protocol used by the launchpad from AS ABAP to identify the page that tries to embed it.

      Best regards


      • Heiko

        Thank you for your help,

        Yes I am getting the message you referenced

        Do you know what component I will need to update to resolve this issue?

        Thank you


        • I have resolved this issue:

          The Launchpad was working in browsers for Chrome and Firefox but not IE.

          I found the solution reading a blog by Maya Amit  on Direction for adding “DefaultDocumentMode” Solution by Maya Amit:

          In the Iview set the “Launch in new window” property to “Open in new headerless window(standard mode)


  • Hello,

    I have got a Fiori iView (paystubs) assigned to my Portal role.

    In the navigation property of the iView I have configured the iView to Display in Separate Window as I want it to open in a new window.

    The Parameters to Pass on the Location String in the URL is Shell-runStandaloneApp?sap-ushell-SAPUI5.Component=hcm.mypaystubs&sap-ushell-url=/sap/bc/ui5_ui5/sap/hcm_pay_mon

    Now this works fine. But there obviously won’t be any need for the left pointing back button in the header of the paystubs app because there is no way to go back. I only need to close the tab which opened.


    Adding sap-ushell-config=headerless as a parameter won’t help because that parameter is for the display of the Home button, logo etc.

    Do you know if there is any parameter to hide the back button ?

    Thanks !


  • Hello,

    Can we look at having an extension point to hide the “Share” button in the footer of the Workflow Inbox ? One can send an email from there. But cannot hide it.

    Also, the link in the email is the link to the Workflow Inbox URL (ECC).

    I’m posting this comment here because; Typically in a Portal implementation, we do not allow access directly to the ECC system.

    Thanks !


  • Hello

    I have a Portal system 7.31 sp14 that is successfully launching the ECC Fiori Launchpad utilizing the Fiori Page / Fiori Iview on a tablet / Iphone

    The problem I am having is it does not have a Logout option or any options from the User dropdown. I do have this Logout option and User preference dropdown on another system that is 7.31 sp15.

    Is this a configuration issue or possibly a component patching issue?

    I have included a pic of the issue

    Any help on this would be appreciated

    Thank you



  • Thanks for sharing. What I cannot figure out is how you can get access to the portal context within the Fiori application. For example the user ID that is logged in and the roles the user has. Can you please explain this?

  • Hello,

    As per your article web dispatcher needs to be configured as per below configuration.

    So, we configure it such that:

    Now if i have fiori running on separate gateway server, how will the  webdispatcher take care of fiori request fro abap2.??

    The Fiori app can be accessed directly from:

  • Thank you for sharing this.

    Could you explain the Scenario if we have two different frontend server clients? In this case the URL could be configured such that they have the same URL but different ports, Is this scenario also supported?

    Best Regards,

    Tobias Trapp

      • At the moment I don’t understand what clickjacking has to do with. But if this helps – why doesn’t SAP support this scenario by shipping two versions of the FLP and let the customers decide which to take? A modification should always be a temporary solution unless SAP ships a solution in an SP.

        Best Regards,


          • Hi Lutz,

            actually we’re working on a modification free option which allows embedding the FLP (from an ABAP front-end system) into content from other domain names. The option that requires a modification was only a temporary workaround. We will update the note linked by you earlier when the modification-free option is available.

            Best regards

            Heiko (product owner in the area of the Fiori launchpad)

  • Hi Ido, thanks for your valuable post.

    I always read that both systems need to be called by the same hostname. It is recommended to achieve this by using the same sap web dispatcher for both.

    Why is this?

    Wouldn’t it be possibel to allow integration by setting the CORS response header variable on the gateway hub system?



    Gateway hub:

    Now on gateway hub somehow set the following Response header variable:


    This should make integration possible too, shouldn’t it? (I rely on

    Can somebody clarify please? Thanks, Lutz


    EDIT – Answered:

    I now found note 2057847 – Removing/Relaxing Click-Jacking Protection for the SAP Fiori Launchpad . What I understand now is that CORS protection mechanisms would only work if Fiori application JS and OData came from different sources. As both are coming from the same gateway server CORS is not involved and security has to be done programmatically.

  • Thanks Ido for your post. It helped me a lot to implement FLP on portal on my current client.

    We are using Remote Catalogs and I think the navigation between applications is not currently working isn’t it?

    I mean this because we are using also the same catalog on the FLP on the gateway server and the navigation there is working fine.

    The navigation was configured using target mappings.

    Were you aware of this limitation or you think there is a configuration step missing?

    Kind regards,


  • Hi Ido.

    Nice blog to start with the integration.

    I have done the integration and I could launch the My Inbox Fiori app from the portal as standalone.

    Now, we wanted to have it available on mobile device as well. For this, we have used Portal on Device option for the Portal. When we click on the icon on Portal On Device, it launches this My Inbox in new window (which is a Fiori iView). It opens up fine as well. But the issue is, it opens as Desktop version and you have to zoom in to see the details. We were expecting it to open as mobile version.

    BTW, when we tried to launch the standalone URL (below is the sample) then it launched as the mobile version. But the same from the Fiori iView did not open as mobile version.

    https://<Server & Port>/sap/bc/ui5_ui5/ui2/ushell/shells/abap/FioriLaunchpad.html#Shell-runStandaloneApp?sap-ushell-SAPUI5.Component=cross.fnd.fiori.inbox&sap-ushell-url=/sap/bc/ui5_ui5/sap/ca_fiori_inbox&allItems=true  “

    Do I need to pass any additional parameters in the Fiori iView to make it work and run as the mobile version?



    Hi Ido/Shani,

    I am facing a issue while testing the SAP Fiori Launchpad integration with SAP EP (SP09). The scenario is as below:

    • When i am trying to access the FFP (fiori framework page) using the url :” https:<portal host:port>/irj/portal/fiori ” i am able to launch the Fiori Framework page and could see my tiles on page.
    • But when i am trying to access the same page using web dispatcher url: “https:<web-dispatcher host:port>/irj/portal/fiori” , i am just getting a blank page and FFP page is not getting displayed.

    Please note that Web-dispatcher is configured for portal and i am able to access the portal using web-dispatcher url : “https:<web-dispatcher host>:port/irj/portal”.

    Need your expert advise here, if i am using the correct url/process or am i missing something.




  • Hi Ido/Shani,

    We have configured this Fiori apps on Portal as described on above blog and it has been working fine. Lately, we observed one issue.


    When we login with one ID e.g. portal001 on Portal and access any fiori app from the launchpad, it works fine. Now, when we log off from Portal and login with the another test id e.g. portal002.

    This time, if I open the same fiori app which I opened earlier or any other fiori apps, it brings data back for ID – portal001 ONLY. When I checked the details, I found out that when we logged off from the portal, it did not log off the portal001 ID from the Fiori system.

    So, even though on portal we are logged in with portal002, backend connection is with portal001 ID.


    Can you please throw some light how backend connection gets closed when we log off from the portal?





  • Hi,

    Great blog.

    We have integrated the SAP EP (contains Vantaio Add-on) and the launchpad is not being displayed. The object and system alias have been created. The relative path as well, but the launchpad is not being displayed.