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Various SDK tests

While answering to some questions on the forum, it appers that most newcomers are lost with the samples provided with the SDK. Besides that some needs to be refreshed a bit, they don’t necessarily depicts all the API and by the way how they are used by some of the developers.

To try to answer this one, I will provide in this blog the sample application I’m using to implement the various tests I do to answer questions.

The actually implemented tests are:

  • DI and DIS connection,
  • Getting the connected user’s credentials to connect to a new company,
  • Updating Sales Order from xml file,
  • Using default serie numbering while creating a Business Partner,
  • Purchase delivery and corresponding order cancelation,
  • Doing External Reconciliation,
  • Posting a Sales invoice and its related payment,
  • Modifying the packing slip from a sales invoice,
  • Modify a UoM group,
  • Posting an incoming payment to an invoice and a previously unreconciled payment.

2014-10-07 additions:

  • Testing of authentication validation without open onnection,
  • Changing the title of a CFL detail form.

These examples were all tested on V9.0 (various PL) and are all working.

The updated program.cs file:

I will add more over time.



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