While answering to some questions on the forum, it appers that most newcomers are lost with the samples provided with the SDK. Besides that some needs to be refreshed a bit, they don’t necessarily depicts all the API and by the way how they are used by some of the developers.

To try to answer this one, I will provide in this blog the sample application I’m using to implement the various tests I do to answer questions.

The actually implemented tests are:

  • DI and DIS connection,
  • Getting the connected user’s credentials to connect to a new company,
  • Updating Sales Order from xml file,
  • Using default serie numbering while creating a Business Partner,
  • Purchase delivery and corresponding order cancelation,
  • Doing External Reconciliation,
  • Posting a Sales invoice and its related payment,
  • Modifying the packing slip from a sales invoice,
  • Modify a UoM group,
  • Posting an incoming payment to an invoice and a previously unreconciled payment.

2014-10-07 additions:

  • Testing of authentication validation without open onnection,
  • Changing the title of a CFL detail form.

These examples were all tested on V9.0 (various PL) and are all working.


The updated program.cs file:


I will add more over time.



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  1. Sergio Martín

    Hi Eric,

    The “Changing the title of a CFL detail form.” seems to be what I was looking for, but the link to download doesn’t works.

    Can you re-upload them again, please?

    Thank you.


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