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I’ve mentioned it before in a couple of threads and today I am happy to officially and proudly announce:

There is now a pack of paper with my name on, available and waiting to be bought by you.

/wp-content/uploads/2014/09/952_532364.jpgSAP HANA Administration

That’s right.

My colleague Richard Bremer and I put together what we think should be known by every SAP HANA DBA.

The book covers

  • installation and setup of a SAP HANA instance
  • management of users and roles
  • dealing with tables
  • coping with partitioning and data distribution
  • indexing
  • compression
  • using PlanViz and lots more.

Since SAP HANA is a very rapid evolving platform we put a lot of weight to fundamentals, concepts and principles that will take you far and likely still be important to master in revisions to come.

Has everything we thought up made it into the book? Definitively not!

The rigid editing process cut down from  900+ pages to around 722, but it is still quite a brick of dead trees.

Beyond that, I can honestly say I wish I had this book when I started to work with SAP HANA.

Since not everyone is willing to see little forests cut down for an IT book, the good folks at SAP Press provide electronic versions  for all the major platforms as well.

The book can be ordered directly on or via the usual suspects of book retailing.

SAP Press will be present at the upcoming teched && d-code events and so will be Richard (your chance to ask for a signature on your copy or ask some questions 🙂 ).

That’s it – hope you enjoy.

Cheers, Lars

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  1. Former Member

    Just picked up my e-book version whilst I await shipment of the hardcopy.  Browsing through the (very thorough) contents I relish working through it, such a wealth of knowledge in there.

    Thanks to you and Richard for all your hard work, have a great launch day!

  2. Gregory Misiorek

    Lars and Richard,

    i’m looking forward to find out more about MergedogMonitor, CleanupStrategy_DIRTY and the like from my e-book and hard copies and get the tweet discount to cover my sales tax.

    good luck with the rest of readership!

    with best regards,


    1. Lars Breddemann
      Post author

      Awesome! Thanks for becoming a loyal customer (hehehe) and for spreading the word.

      I guess the 2nd edition will have to include a lot of feedback…

      – Lars

  3. Denys Kempen

    Congratulations, Lars and Richard!

    Great addition to the SAP HANA library. It has all the ingredients to become a classic reference. Just downloaded my copy.

    Thanks for all the hard work.


    Denys van Kempen /  SAP HANA Academy

  4. Ning Tong

    Hello Lars,

    A lot of question you provided the answers, thanks!

    For me in China, just a little bit expensive (around RMB 400).

    However, I will buy it with my colleague.

    Thanks & Best Regards,

    Tong Ning

        1. Lars Breddemann
          Post author

          Hi Tong,

          sure you can ask questions about the book and the topics we discuss in it.

          I think the best way would be to use the SAP HANA and In-Memory Computing forum and refer to either this blog post, link my name (@ <Lars_Breddemann>) or Richard’s name (@ Richard_Bremer) and/or use a tag <sap_hana_admin_book>.

          That way it’s pretty sure we don’t miss your question.

          – Lars

    1. Lars Breddemann
      Post author

      That would be a question to discuss with SAP Press, our publishing house.

      There had (so far) been discounts for Facebook/Twitter users and for TechEd && dcode visitors.

      Maybe they also have a  special discount for SAP partners.

      Following the guys from SAP Press on the usual social networks is a pretty good idea to get discount offers 😉

      – Lars

  5. Former Member

    Hello Lars,

    I also bought your book and made an initial scan of chapters. It seems like a very good book with in depth coverage of various topics.

    Thanks Lars & Richard for writing the book!

    – Venu


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