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A Networked Economy Turns Your World into an Outdoor Treadmill

Can wearable technology turn something as mundane as running on a treadmill into an outdoor treadmill? Yes, it can!

A few things that I’ve disliked about running outdoors is that I’m unaware of how many miles I’ve ran, calories burned, or time spent running; thus, resorting to a treadmill. Thanks to the Networked Economy, wearable technology such as FitBit can now track every step of your running progress.

What is FitBit?

FitBit, a pedometer that you can wear 24/7 that syncs with your mobile phone so you have a mobile dashboard of your activity. With the latest app update, it can now track your running progress. Metrics such as miles ran, calories burned, miles per minute, time spent running, mapping your trail are examples of that data it can capture.

I remember when I first started running outdoors. I was barely hitting a mile and making excuses after 5 minutes of running that it was ‘good enough.’ Now that I’m able to see the progress in real-time, FitBit helped me validate my cardio progress, all while keeping track of my data diary for me.


What’s the Impact of Wearable Technology?

Based on the tracked data from my FitBit, I can make smarter choices like planning a different running route that’ll meet my 6 miles goal, and figuring out how I can improve my endurance by looking at past patterns without wasting time or losing track of my progress. It’s encouraging me to take a step up and beat my old records –pushing my boundaries and becoming a healthier self.

According to SAP, by 2020 there’ll be between 50-75 billion connected devices, which include consumer products, appliances, lighting, and manufacturing equipment – you name it. In the hyper-connected Networked Economy, a lot of the experiences that we’re used to can be a digitalized, shared with through our networks, and in return, provide better insights to improve ourselves. The impact of this is endless; if we can connect everyday items so it recognizes our daily patterns and provide optimal solutions, I’d imagine we can run our lives with less distraction and really focus on the end goal.

What’s the Future of Wearable Technology?

In the Networked Economy, we’re able to capture, analyze, and make data driven decisions. Imagine being able to share your data with the online community or in my case, with my doctor to get a better assessment of my health.

Although wearable technology have been around for quite some time, consumerizing and embedding it into our daily lives is becoming increasingly popular. Think beyond the lines of accessories and more around the clothes you wear. Ralph Lauren is introducing a new line of everyday polo tech shirts that promotes wellness and better quality of life.

If I’m able to take an indoor activity like jogging on a treadmill to the outdoors and make it more enjoyable for myself while making smarter data driven experience, how else can the Networked Economy enhance our daily lives? Feel free to share your thoughts with me @thezhu.

Do you want to learn more about the Networked Economy and growing the trends? Click here to learn more.

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      Great blog! Nice insight on how to utilize wearable technology for your health and well-being.

      I hope you'll keep us updated on the future of wearable tech. 🙂