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The Future is Now Evenly Distributed – The Guide to the Future of Medicine

I am very pleased to announce that a friend of mine Berci Mesko, has just published a new book today that I enjoyed reading and highly recommend that you read it.

“ The Guide to the Future of Medicine: Technology AND the Human Touch “


I have always liked the quote from the Science Fiction Writer William Gibson “ The future is already here – it’s just not evenly distributed “. In reading Berci’s book, he does a great job in helping with this “ distribution “ not just in the area of Medicine but it can be useful to think about how these technologies can be applied in other industries.

As an avid follower of Berci’s blog ( for a while now, I have been really looking forward to reading his book for a since I first heard that he was working on it. 

Berci spent over a year working on this book, he conducted 70 interviews and the book explores 22 trends that will shape the future of medicine. He is also a medical doctor which further adds to the credibility and insights in this book. In his book, Berci tries to prove that we can use more and more disruptive technologies in medicine while successfully keeping the human touch.

I went into reading the book with the mindset of not just looking to understand the trends in healthcare but also  thinking about how some of these could potentially apply to other industries. The trends that he shares in the book are related to the intersection of healthcare and technology.

     Twenty-Two Trends Shaping the Future of Medicine: The List

    •   Empowered Patients
    •   Gamifying Health
    •   Eating in the future
    •   Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality
    •   Telemedicine and Remote Care
    •   Re–thinking the Medical Curriculum
    •   Surgical and Humanoid Robots
    •   Genomics and Truly Personalized Medicine
    •   Body Sensors Inside and Out
    •   The Medical Tricorder and Portable Diagnostics
    •   Do–It–Yourself Biotechnology
    •   The 3D Printing Revolution
    •   Iron Man: Powered exoskeletons and prosthetics
    •   The End of Human Experimentation
    •   Medical Decisions via Artificial Intelligence
    •   Nanorobots Living In Our Blood
    •   Hospitals of the Future
    •   Virtual–Digital Brains
    •   The Rise of Recreational Cyborgs
    •   Cryonics and Longevity
    •   What Will a Brand New Society Look Like ?

The potential for what technology can enable in today’s world is quite impressive and many different companies are referenced throughout the book as examples.

Word Cloud.jpg

This book is not just a great recommended read for healthcare professionals but for professionals in other industries, as I read through the book it made me think of how some of these examples can be applied to other industries.

I was inspired to think of the asset intensive industries that I deal with in new ways all throughout the book. In many ways people are “assets of a different type “.

There is one part of the book that I especially liked and can very much relate to, it covered the topic of  “ Preparing for the Future of Medicine ”. The ways in which you can prepare for the future are described in detail. They include:

  • Keep yourself up-to-date
  • Embrace digital
  • Read, listen and watch
  • Look outside of medicine
  • Avoid hype
  • Extrapolate from today’s trends
  • Forget about the ultimate solution
  • Don’t get scared by the growing importance of technology
  • Don’t overestimate technology
  • Don’t give up if you lack IT skills
  • Fight to keep the human touch
  • Accept mutual relationships
  • Prepare others for the changes
  • Predicting the future of medicine is challenging
  • Communicate and crowdsource

Hopefully reading Berci’s book will inspire you in what ever industry you work in to think of what the “ The Guide to the Future of Your Industry ” could be or should be. It will definitely help you to understand what can and might be happening in the field of Medicine that will impact you and your family at some point in time in some amazing ways 

The future promises to be quite exciting  !

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