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Corresponding Vendor number in SAP SRM & R/3 system

While we replicate a vendor from R/3 system to SRM system it may not be necessary that the Vendor number in both systems are same.

SRM provides three options for Vendor numbering while transferring from R/3.

The options are as follows –


                          Fig 1 – BBPGETVD screenshot in SRM system

Given a case wherein the R/3 Vendor number is already assigned in SRM to some other object, the vendor number in SRM would be different from one in R/3.

Now this creates lot of confusion while creating SCs, since the requesters are used to R/3 vendor numbers and when they create SCs using them, they invariably uses wrong Vendor number and get error messages.

SAP provides a table in SRM wherein an User can check the corresponding Vendor number in both systems if he/she knows the Vendor number in one system.

Go to SE16, table BBPV_BUPA_VENMAP.


                                    Fig 2 – BBPV_BUPA_VENMAP table view

Here field ‘BP number’ is the Vendor number in SRM, while field ‘Vendor’ is the vendor number in R/3 system.

So if a requester knows R/3 vendor number, he needs to key this number in ‘vendor’ field and on executing he would get corresponding Vendor number in SRM.


                                Fig 3 – BBPV_BUPA_VENMAP output

The output would have both the Vendor number details, thus requester can create SC with correct data.

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