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MDG Custom Object Number range

In service master i have  changed the number ranges in ACNR transaction .Now  we are facing the short dump

Asset condition was violated.This is due to the deletion of NR ,how to revert back

.i am able to create in AC03 with new number range But in Nwbc screen the mentioned short dump appears

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  • Most probably, the number range interval was changed or reset. Make sure the number range is setup correctly and the last number is greater than the current number in the database.

    • Thanks Abdul.

      I have maintained last number is grater than the current number in the database.Now Am able to create the service master it activated properly.But the temporary number $S100001 is not similar to the activated one 300103

      • Of course they are not similar. The temporary one is just that “temporary.” These are two different number range objects: one for the temporary objects and one for newly activated objects. You can’t guarantee both will be the same even if you set them to a similar number range. Many times, CR’s will be created and then discarded (rejected, cancelled, etc.) which will result in the temporary number range getting incremented much faster than the activated number range.

        • Thanks Abdul,

          while doing single processing of material,the temporary number $304 is generated.but while doing initial upload the temporary number is not generated directly active number range is generated 40001 .any  settings for temporary key  with respect to CR type?