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Formatting Context Analysis-On HCP Text Analysis via Smart Glasses

Formatting context analysis supplements HANA text analysis on HCP to process documents. It uses the formatting information like table cell structure, block determination, font size etc to process semantical relationship and build knowledge source using HANA graph store. These can then be used in various application scenarios, one example of document search is demonstrated here.

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  • Interesting. However, providing some context and background introduction would be useful. For example, from the scarce description below the video it’s not clear how it relates to SAP HANA Cloud Platform, what you did with HCP to implement it, etc.



    • Hi Vlado,

      Thanks for the comments. Yes, I agree, this was made a bit hastily for demo jam submission. I am currently working with the product team to see how it fits in the overall architecture.

      For this demo, I used the HCP Java Engine to consume ABBYY cloud service. The output of which was then processed to create Graph Store. This Graph Store is then used for search.

      Best Regards,

      Jemin Tanna

  • Hi Jemin,

    Thanks for a informative blog.

    I have one question about the UI element you used to show those bubbles view.

    would you please let me know which SAP UI5 ui element you used for this .

    Thanks & Regards

    Dibyajyoti Nanda