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Feature Explorer in AiE


First of all I want to thank all the people who worked on this project and special thanks to Thomas Fiedler for this awsome mission, i am happy to use Eclipse as am familiar with it since i was in college.

My name is Ahmed Yehia, I graduated from Misr International University Faculty of computer science and i have overall 4 years of ABAP experience in Reporting, Conversions, Interfaces, and Customizations for SAP R/3.

I really like programming and i am looking forward to increase my skills and knowledge and to discover new techniques and tools.

I have been using eclipse for 4 years in college for my java projects, and i think it is an excellent tool because

1- Its fast to install and it has a very powerful code assist.

2- GUI is awesome

3- Debugger is easy

4- Re factoring is very advanced

5- All errors are highlighted with no need to recompile the whole project

6- Many plugins and 3rd party are available and integrates easily with other development tools such as HANA studio  , UI5 … .

Eclipse will be a good start for the developers who used to use Eclipse and new to ABAP development, and it will be a center point development environment.

I have been following the news about ABAP in Eclipse and i was very excited and waiting to start using it.


The first feature i would like to talk about is the shortcuts, it makes the life easy:

To start a new program all you need is to type CTRL + SHIFT + N instead of the following:


CTRL + SPACE and SHIFT + ENTER to suggest code completion and code templates


CTRL + F2 to check your code syntax


CTRL + F3 to compile your code


The second feature is the pretty printer function and templates usage demo

You can check the ABAP source code for matter and check your code style either your keywords is upper case and identifiers lowercase or vice versa


also for evey program  created you can keep history updated using template



The third features is the Where Used List CTRL + SHIFT + G


Fourth Feature is the powerful search, you can search for any ABAP object


Fifth Feature is utility function keys

F1 Brings up ABAP Documentation of the keyword

F2 Shows the code element information

F3 Used for Navigation

F4 Shows Up the ABAP Type Hierarchy

F5 Refresh

F8 Excute

Sixth Feature is the re factoring Support

CTRL + 1 To bring up the quick fix option to rename variable / declarations


ALT + SHIFT + R To rename variable if it spans in more than 1 related objects


CTRL + 2, R To rename variable in source unit alone

Seventh Feature is version management,  you can keep history of your code files and compare it to each other


Eighth Feature is transport organizer


I will ask my friends Amal Aloun Akshay Gupta Vivek Singh Bhoj  Jitendra Kansal Ashwini Deshpande Willi Eimler Marssel Vilaça sriramula kishore Midhun VP ‘ MoazzaM ‘  Srinivas Salpala Ravi Sankar Venna   Diwa p    Chandra Shekhar Agarwal Ahmed Ibrahim to join this experince

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