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To start a new program all you need is to type CTRL + SHIFT + N instead of the following:


CTRL + SPACE and SHIFT + ENTER to suggest code completion and code templates


CTRL + F2 to check your code syntax


CTRL + F3 to compile your code


The third features is the Where Used List CTRL + SHIFT + G


Fifth Feature is utility function keys

F1 Brings up ABAP Documentation of the keyword

F2 Shows the code element information

F3 Used for Navigation

F4 Shows Up the ABAP Type Hierarchy

F5 Refresh

F8 Excute

Sixth Feature is the re factoring Support

CTRL + 1 To bring up the quick fix option to rename variable / declarations


ALT + SHIFT + R To rename variable if it spans in more than 1 related objects


CTRL + 2, R To rename variable in source unit alone

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