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First ever #SAP #CodeJam in #NOIDA @Amity University – Event Summary

On July 27th 2014, we hosted SAP HANA Cloud with HANA XS the First ever CodeJam in Amity University – Noida.


Background Information

I raised a request for Codejam by contacting Craig for SAP HANA Cloud with HANA XS somewhere in April 2014. Craig Cmehil helped me get in touch with Padmashree B who is a SAP expert and have conducted various Codejams in India.

Two SAP experts and 20+ motivated participants met in the CodeJam. After morning tea and light snacks the event started with giving a token of appreciation from Amity University to Padmashree B and Ashitha MS, then the event was taken ahead with a short introduction about SAP HANA Cloud with HANA XS and then the participants started working on their respective exercises, in this CodeJam none of the participant faced any issue with the internet (thanks to Amity University for providing 10 mbps dedicated line for the event) and with the configuration as we had a very good ratio of experts and participants where all the small issues were resolved.





I would like to take opportunity to talk about the SAP HANA Cloud with HANA XS CodeJam event with some useful insights into how  SAP HANA Cloud with HANA XS CodeJams are usually being run.

Current CodeJam Format

SAP HANA Cloud with HANA XS CodeJam which is more flexible and offers a lot more time (5-6 hours) for playing with the product and asking questions. The agenda was as:

  • SAP CodeJam Introduction
  • SAP HANA Cloud with HANA XS
  • Configuration.
  • Exercises and discussion.

Scope of SAP HANA Cloud with HANA XS CodeJam

Get acquainted on the latest in SAP HANA Cloud with HANA XS .By the end of the codeJam, we believe the following questions will be answered:

  • What is SAP HANA Cloud with HANA XS?
  • How SAP HANA Cloud with HANA XS
  • How to get started with SAP HANA Cloud with HANA XS
  • How to create and consume artifacts ?

Food at CodeJam

One of the reasons SAP CodeJam events are famous for is “The Food” and this event was no different. While taking a break from coding to have some good food, it was also time for networking – developers coming together, exchanging their ideas, sharing their learning’s.


Networking is one of the strongest pillar of CodeJam and Amity University waiting Lounge was a great place to do that.

It was another great learning and community event in a relaxed atmosphere and for me – another important learning on SAP HANA Cloud with HANA XS.

The beat feature about CodeJams is that you bring your own laptop so once you are back at your company everything is already installed and you can start using your newly gained skills immediately.


It is a very casual yet important learning. It allows us to meet interesting people from the SAP community. Additionally, CodeJams usually take place at interesting locations which you normally do not get access to.

There were two awesome SAP Experts Padmashree B  and Ashitha MS from SAP Labs Bangalore & Many thanks to Padma and Ashitha for their time & assistance.

My special to thanks to Amity University and Stargaze for supporting  to organize & Host first ever SAP Codejam in Amity University – Noida Campus.
I would also like to thank (Dr.) Ajay Rana Sir (Amity University) & Mridul Kohli (Stargaze)  for their support.


In association with


In summary, we see the event as a complete success. Everyone learned
and was able to get a glimpse into the very near future. Furthermore, developer meetings are a good means of building a network of our own.
Our thanks go to SAP and all of the participants, and we look forward to the next event.

I’d also like to thank everyone who made the day possible, One last thing, I encourage anyone to get involved – and organize a CodeJam in their city? I think you can and should.

Event Pics:




SAP CodeJam Noida Pics :- SAP CodeJam Amity University – an album on Flickr

I would also like to thank Shaurya Shubham for giving his time and covering the entire event.

To Find out more about SAP CodeJam Please Follow : – SAP CodeJam

Humble Request ” If you are not attending after the registration let us know so that we can give space for others who are not registered”.

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