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What do clothing manufacturers know about learning? Peerless Clothing explains…

I may work for SAP, but I confess that the very last thing I’m thinking about when trying on frocks in a boutique is whether the project team within the manufacturer’s IT department is fully trained and up to date on the latest release of an SAP solution. Such a carefree attitude is not an option for those working within the industry, and large companies like North American manufacturer Peerless Clothing can ill afford a workforce which is not fully prepared to take on last-minute projects when their business is at stake.

Peerless Clothing is the largest men’s clothing manufacturer and distributor in North America, producing suits, sport coats, pants, overcoats, and raincoats under such major labels as Ralph Lauren, Calvin Klein, and DKNY. In this short video, Thierry Coupey, Business Intelligence Lead for Peerless Clothing discusses how his team keeps their knowledge of SAP solutions sharp and up to date with SAP Learning Hub, SAP’s cloud-based learning platform. As subscribers of SAP Learning Hub, the company has unlimited access to several thousand training options including interactive social learning features like Learning Rooms, and the option to purchase blocks of time in live SAP systems. This option, called SAP Live Access, is very cool and really allows people to get hands-on practice with solutions – learning while doing! In the end, what they get is a year-round SAP enablement solution instead of sending team members on one-off training courses.

So maybe the next time I try on a Calvin Klein dress (which would likely go back on the hangar unless I am feeling especially profligate), I might actually think of the men and women behind the scenes at the manufacturer, and take pride in knowing that SAP Learning Hub might have played a role in getting the very dress I’m holding into my hands … but first, I’d do a little twirl in front of the mirror and dream 😉

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