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Service Management – Notification Creation – Define Long Text Control for Notification Types

This section allows you to control some of the facets of the long text for the notification. While, I don’t often need to touch this, it does contain some handy features for you to be aware of.



IMG–>Plant Maintenance and Customer Service–>Maintenance and Service Processing–>Maintenance and Service Notifications–>Notification Creation–>Notification Types–>Define Long Text Control for Notification Type


Again, we start very simple, and select the notification type.


Once here, there a handful of fields available.  Let me walk you through them now.

  • Log Line – this one can be valuable if you need to capture a time stamp/user for each update to the notification long text.  This is a section I have used at a handful of clients.
  • No Text Change – exactly what it sounds like.  If you select this check box you cannot change any existing text, you can only enter new text.
  • Format key – goes back to the old school SAPScript type editing, where you have different character strings to represent a return, or a other formatting. I’ve never had a reason to adjust this from the standard.
  • Line by line – if you check this each individual line will be formatted using the above key.  If you don’t check it, only the first line will be formatted.  Again, an option I’ve not used.

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