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NWBC at SAP TechEd && d-code 2014 – UPDATED, 5th November, 2014

Yes, slowly but surely, TechEd is approaching. Last year was brilliant, so I am genuinely looking forward to this year’s big do.

Since NWBC 5.0 had not yet been released when we submitted the proposals, I couldn’t realistically offer a hands-on, but I will try to put as much useful info into the lecture. Also, it’s not just slides; I want to show as much as possible by demo or video. So here’s what’s on offer:

UX106 What’s New in NWBC

I will be focussing on:

– NWBC 5.0 + SAP GUI 7.40 – What does our long-promised “much closer integration” mean in practice? How does it improve experience for both admins and end users? I hope to blog about this, as soon as we go live (planned for early Q4, 2014) – but I think you will really see the power of this in the demo

– NWBC plus Fiori – how do they fit together – now and in the near future – also including a video

PLEASE NOTE: Since we only have an hour, I will not be covering the general introduction stuff – that will be in the Networking sessions (see below)

Berlin, November 11-13

Wednesday, 12:15-13:15

L6, Hall 7.1 – New York 3

Speaker: Julie Plummer, SAP SE

NEW: EXP17822 Expert Networking Session: Ask Anything About NWBC

Ask anything! In this session, we will focus on the basics:

– what is NWBC, what are the main use cases?

– NWBC + SAP GUI – how do they work together, in general and NWBC 5.0 + SAP GUI 7.40?

– NWBC vs SAP GUI vs Portal – when to use what?

NOTE: My colleague Ralph Resech from the SAP GUI team will be joining me.

Tuesday, November 11, 2014  

11:00 AM-11:30 AM

Expert Lounge EL 4.1, Hall 4.2

EXP 17636 Expert Networking Session: NWBC and the Business Suite (Berlin only)

Again, ask anything you like! Last year, we covered:

– differences between NWBC and SAP GUI / Portal (the answer to which is completely different)

– role management?

– diverse questions regarding Business Suite applications – side panels, POWLs, etc etc

My colleague Johannes Wasserfall, UX Expert from the Suite, will also be present at the networking session.

Thursday, 11-11:30 AM

Expert Lounge EL 4.2, Hall 4.2

Other sessions you might want to look out for:

TEC104 UX Strategy and Roadmap – Next Steps (Nis Boy Naeve)

UXP104 SAP Fiori Launchpad – An Overview (Johannes Wasserfall)

NEW: UXP110 The New SAP GUI for Windows 7.40… (Ralph Resech)

UXP200 Overview: SAP UI Technologies and When to Choose What (also Johannes Wasserfall)

UXP261 Simplify Development with Web Dynpro ABAP and FPM (Dirk Becker)

SEC832 Road Map Q&A: SAP Single Sign-On (Michael Friedrich)

I’ll update this blog as soon as more info is available.

For general TechEd information, see here: Home | SAP TechEd && d-code Global

Hope to see some of you in November !

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  • Hi everyone, Just received a Tweet about this from Fred Verheul:

    "<< curious about role of #NWBC in future"

    Lots of you are curious about this. I can't say any more at present.

    At present, I can only say : There continues to be a role for the Business Client.

    I hope to say more when NWBC 5.0 is released (*provisionally* October 2014 - subject to change). I hope to say a good bit more in Teched itself - particularly on how the NWBC strategy and Fiori strategy fit together.  Sorry, I can't be more detailed yet - all I can say is, we're working on this.

  • Hi everyone,

    I received a query by Twitter from Maik Schmidt : Will there be live streaming for this session? The answer is no, there will be no live stream; you have to be present at Teched to hear this session.

    In previous years, I have been asked to make a recording, which was then included in Teched Online, but this year, I haven't made a recording, so I assume NWBC will not be part of Teched Online either. (AFAIK, Teched Online is only available to registered attendees - it is to let attendees catch up on missed sessions, not a substitute for being there, but I may be wrong).

    Maik - sorry it took so lon; I did not get a reply from the organizers.

    Best wishes

    Julie R Plummer.