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Interface Monitoring: Setup Segment-wise IDoc Monitoring

1.   Introduction

The Business Process Monitoring (BPMon) functionality in SAP Solution Manager helps to proactively monitor the successful execution of a company’s core business processes and helps to ensure the smooth and reliable flow of these processes. In a heterogeneous system landscape, the business processes involves interfaces between various systems. Thus, there is a requirement to monitor these critical interfaces between different systems. This white paper describes the method to monitoring IDoc for particular segment.

With this feature, it is possible to monitor critical IDoc with define segment field name and value in the monitoring object. If this IDoc fails, an alert is created in SolMan and a notification (Email/SMS) is send to the concerned monitoring team responsible for the defined segment. Here segment could be organizational unit like Plant / Co.Code or specific configuration object like document type and so on.

2.   Prerequisites to set-up Interface Monitoring

  1. Technical Prerequisites: Install latest ST-A/PI version on the Solution Manager and Managed systems. This will help to get the latest list of Key Figures and Monitoring Objects. Please refer Setup Guide for IFMon which explains different Interfaces like IDoc/ALE. BDoc, File, tRFC, qRFC, bgRFC etc.
  2. Define Business Process Structure in Solution: After the technical setup is completed, next step is to have Business Process structure in place. This is a prerequisite to have the three level hierarchy along with transaction code defined in a productive Solution in order to start with Business Process Monitoring. Ensure to have the interfaces defined in the Business Process Structure and the Graphical Flow established between business process for different Managed Systems.


Additional information related to Business Process Monitoring in SAP Solution Manager can be found in SAP Service Marketplace

3. Business Case/Requirement for IDoc Monitoring for Segment

SAP Solution Manager has the provision to setup IDoc Monitoring in Interface Monitoring. Usually we have configured IDoc Monitoring for particular status (Error/Failed) and provide alert notification to the concern Monitoring Team. There is an additional feature to setup up IDoc monitoring in such a way that it can be monitored for particular organization unit (Plant. Sales Org, Company Code) or for different document types. Thus we can monitoring the critical IDocs for different Org Units and give alert notification to specific monitoring team.

4. Setting up IDoc Monitoring for Segment

Following are the steps to set-up Monitoring Object in order to monitor IDoc:

  1. Setup IDoc Monitoring Object: Following information needs to be provided in the IDoc Monitoring Object in order to have monitoring of IDocs for particular Segment eg: Organization Unit – Plant, Sales org.. etc. It is recommended to provide all the relevant information for particular IDoc in order to have precise IDoc Monitoring.


The Segment Field Name 1 includes the technical name of Organization unit (Plant = WERKS) the nomenclature to follow is <Segment Name-Field Name>. Segment Field Value shows the Plant values = 1000 and 2000.

  2. Configure Key Figure: Delta Monitor

Once the IDoc details are mentioned, select the Key Figure ‘Delta Monitor’ and provide the threshold values. Mention the monitoring schedule detail and frequency. Avoid having frequency too high. This will unnecessarily load the managed system. You can also mention the Monitoring team and provide notification details.

One alert is generated for configured parameters & key figure shows 5 failed IDocs.If notification is configured, an auto-email will be triggered for this alert and send to the defined Monitoring Team. If there is a separate Monitoring team for Plant-2000, same Monitoring Object is to be configured for Plant 2000 and separate monitoring team will be notified in case of alert.

5. Common error encountered during IDoc Monitoring setup

  1. Error observed is: “No data collection performed since last activation message.”

Solution: Keep the Max Idoc age as 240 Hrs. This will help to ignore all the IDocs before this time. In the initial run, all the IDocs till the Max Idoc age will be given as the measured value of the alert. From the next data collection run onwards, the Delta IDocs which are in error state for a given time frame will be shown as the measure value in the alert.

   2. The data collection does not happen as per the defined frequency/time mentioned in during the monitoring object setup.

Solution: Some useful SAP Notes which will help to resolve this error:

1800442 – Replacement for Virus Scan Profile /SCMS/KPRO_CREATE

1753745 – Virus scan profile: Enhancement for SAP KW

It is recommended to have data collection frequency of 1 Hour for Delta Monitor. This will give sufficient time to fetch data from the managed system and send the information to SAP Solution Manager. Keeping this frequency too high (15 min or 30 min) will unnecessarily load the managed system and may result in performance issues.

   3. Verify the measure value of IDoc failure in alert inbox with the actual value.  

Solution: Compare the actual IDoc fail value from WE05/WE09 with the measured value seen at the alert inbox. Use Actual start date and time should be considered in order to perform this comparison.

6. IDoc monitoring for Segment: Alert inbox

   1. Consider IDoc monitoring is setup for Segment values of Plant 1000 and Plant 2000. Once the monitoring object is activated we can get following alerts              and notification in case of IDoc failure


  2.  Select the particular IDoc Monitoring Object to know the alert measured value and detail information.


   3.  The detail info will login to the managed system and show the list of IDocs as per the defined criteria. This will be the list of IDocs                         which have the segment values (Plant 1000 and 2000)


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