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How to transfer data from BEx Workbook to other system using XML data format

How to transfer data from BEx Workbook to other system using XML data format.

Before the system described here was created a raport (BEx Workbook) was used to print paper
version of tax reports. The goal was to enable electronic flow of data.

Bez tytułu - schemat ogolny.png

Note !  In original version the Polish Tax System e-deklaracje was used as the target system. However, any other system accepting xml file can be used. 


  1. Target system (here: e-deklaracje) that will be supplied with the data in xml format,
  2. BW query that contain all the data that we need (here: Q001),
  3. XML file (here: Data.xml) that will be used to transfer data between the source system and target system.

In case of e-deklaracje system the needed XML file can be created by using e-deklaracje “export data” functionality.

There is also possibility to create such file by converting XML file schema (.xsd)  file into xml format. Such converters can be found in the internet.

Things to be done:

In the process we create BEx workbook with two worksheets “Q001” and “Data XML”. In the “Data XML” worksheet we save the file “Data.xml”. In the “Q001”
worksheet  the data source to the query “Q001” will be created. To fill the “Data XML” with data that is displayed in “Q001” worksheet Excel formulas will be created. After the data is displayed in the “Data XML ” that worksheet will be saved as “XML data” to be imported to e-deklaracje system in the final step. 


Step by step procedure:

BEx workbook creation:

  1. Run BEx Analyzer (log in to the
    system where the workbook will be created),  Open XML file using standard excel function: file / open / as xml table   function (information about creating file schema is displayed),
  2. Now you can see the xml file fields in one row :


Bez tytułu - import xml.png

3. Change the worksheet name where the xml file is stored to “Data XML”

4. Create new worksheet in the workbook and give it name eg. “Query1”

     (it should look like this)

Bez tytułu - zapisz zakładki.png


  5. Create data source to display data from the query “Q001” in “Query1” worksheet,

  6. Save the file as SAP BW Workbook using BEx Analyzer Save Workbook function.

  7. Now we should see the table with the refreshed data in the “Q001” worksheet. If not refresh the query (eg. by reloading the workbook).

  8. Create formulas in worksheet “Data XML” to display data from the query in the XML sheet.

  Bez tytułu - wpisanie formul.png 

   9. After formulas had been created the workbook can be saved and workbook closed.

Refreshing data in workbook and creating the xml file:

10. Open the workbook, refresh the query to see the data that we need to transfer to the target system,

11. Activate worksheet “Data XML”Save the activated worksheet as xml file using standard File / Save as / xml data type file.

12. Import the file to e-deklaracje or any other target system.

Now the imported data can be checked in the target system.


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