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How to do Live to Live Migration by LCM_CLI.bat


As we know there are some limitation doing migration using Promotion Management. So the alternative is
LCM_CLI.bat i.e. the command line tool. (Still the limitation as i know is around 1000 objects only)

Below are the steps to do it Live to Live Migration using lcm_cli.bat tool.

1) We Will Prepare the “.properties”. In order to create it simply use notepad or notepad++ or any text editor
then save it as <name>.properties file say
Note* Make sure you select All Files while saving and remove txt extension and use properties.

2) Here I am Providing you sample Properties file “” for a Object Ex. Test_Test.rpt
Source_CMS=Source:Port (Example:
exportQuery1=select * from ci_Infoobjects where si_cuid=’AaU8jopWOstGt51J2rBdXZQ’
Destination_CMS=Destination:Port (Example:


Above, export query is simply the object i wanted to migrate i.e. Test_Test.rpt (Crystal Report) from Source to
In Your Case use Use the CUID of your report (i.e. CMC>Public Folder>Your
Also, You Can Use Many Export Query in single file by simply using exportQuery1,exportQuery2,exportQuery3
and so on.)

Note* All Dependencies will also be included.

3) Then Simply Go to <installdir>\SAP BusinessObjects\SAP BusinessObjects Enterprise XI
4.0\win64_x64\scripts into cmd i.e.
Command Prompt and run

lcm_cli.bat -lcmproperty “D:\”


Please Refer KBA – “1969259 – LCM CLI Master Note – How to promote thousands of objects
across BI4 environments” For More queries and Sample queries.

Also, KBA For this Live to Live is under process.

Mahak Rathore

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    • Hi Ladislav Varga,

      Since there are some limitation which applies to Promotion Management so as a part of alternative we can use LCM_CLI.bat tool for migration in BI 4.x to BI 4.x. .  Basically there are 2 types to perform the migration using Lcm_cli i.e. Export/Import or Live to Live.

      You can refer KBA-1969259 – LCM CLI Master Note – How to promote thousands of objects across BI4 environments” For More queries and Sample queries. Which is the best KBA for LCM_CLI tool. Also queries to migrate the content comes out side the support boundary so you can refer Articles : where sample queries (Part 1,2,3) will help you to genrate the queries.



      • Hello, Mahak,

        I know all these documents. The SAP Note 1969259 points to the BI 4.1 SP03 BI Platform Administrators guide and higher, the section titled “Promoting full repository content using the promotion management tool”. There are described three “runs”/ jobs. I missed their common parameters, somehow. Into these parameters is also the Destination_CMS.

        So, I assume, the answer to my question is yes. Thank you.

  • Hello, everyone,

    we spent a lot of time with some tiny thing:

    We located properties file to home directory of lcm_cli.bat on the Windows host.

    Never do that.

    Parameter lcmproperty cannot work with such long path. Locate your property path to root directory, for example D:\, or some short one.

  • Our repository is very large, to generate Job3_primaryobjects , was broken into multiple files . When trying to restore an error message is displayed:

    Note: we are trying to migrate from version 4.1 SP6 to 4.2 sp2 ./wp-content/uploads/2016/05/erro_964652.png

    • Below mentioned assumes, you have migrated data according to the SAP Note 1969259.

      I would recommend you to migrate – export/ import data from one and to the same release. If it isn’t possible, central instance has to be on the side with highest release.

      I can’t recognize above mentioned language, therefor I don’t understand it, completely. But from english part of text I can see, 116th lcmbiar file is corrupted at least. (116th, it is amazing)

      I recommend you to check lcmbiar files after their creation by export procedure by 7-Zip e.g.: /wp-content/uploads/2016/05/screenshot_19602_964734.png

      Another thing is, that location of this lcmbiar file is in Windows\TEMP directory. Have you got enough space for its extraction? (You need to check it during export/ import procedure. After it fails, TEMP directory clears itself.)

      I recommend you to set up temp folders to be moved to non-system disk with so much space as it is your FRS content size before migration. (SAP Note 2245570.)

      Or there is easiest and permanent way: temp variable.png (You need to logout and logon back to the Windows.)

      Disk, where your FRS is located, has to have another 1 time FRS content size free at least. (If this is the same disk, where you redirected the TEMP directory, count with it. You need 2x FRS space plus.)

    • HI Marcio,

      You have created the biar file and it got split into more than 1 lcmbiar. Now according to me you are trying to import this lcmbiar using promotion management which is not correct.

      Ideally you have to use same tool to import the lcmbiar by which you have created.

      Answer is you have to use LCM_CLI tool to import the biar file since you have created this biar using lcm_cli.

      Please check :

      So simply create a file and then run it.

      Let me know if you are able to do or I can help you for creating one.



  • Hi Mahak,

    Thanks for the answer which helped me a lot. Can this properties file can take values dynamically by passing values to the script corresponding to the requirement?

    i.e in the LCM_CMS value instead of hard coding the values can it be got dynamically by using the $ symbol??

    Thanks in adanvce.