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Cloud-Based Learning Can Move Your Company to the Head of the Class

/wp-content/uploads/2014/08/newbee_529909.jpgAt some point in our career, we’ve all been the ‘new-bee’– the rookie who needs to ramp up and master the skills required to ensure project or departmental success. To hit the ground running, training and education are critical. But given the speed of business, time is also of the essence. The faster you get up to speed, the faster your team can get back to operating at 100%.

It’s hard enough to keep pace with customer and competitive demands when just one team member is new and needs training on existing systems. But what if you’re planning a large business transformation project that requires your whole team – or entire company – to learn new systems? How do you keep operations running smoothly when everyone is “new” to the new infrastructure?


Time to Turn to the Cloud

The answer lies in finding the right cloud-based learning solution. When looming projects call for new skills and timelines are tight, cloud-based
learning can provide the on-demand availability and flexibility you need. Look for a solution that:

  • Consolidates all the training and learning materials you need in one place – including e-learning courses, handbooks, exercises, white papers, online knowledge products, and live training systems
  • Provides instant, anytime/anywhere access to the most up-to-date course content
  • Personalizes each employee’s learning environment with user-relevant data, so you can train both technical and business users based on their different specialties, knowledge levels, skills, and availability
  • Lets users interact with subject matter experts for guidance and coaching – and engage with other learners to create dynamic social learning opportunities
  • Creates a self-service, self-study environment that lets everyone evolve at his or her own pace
  • Monitors individual employee learning consumption and progress
  • Scales to let you train one or thousands of users

Benefits That Bring You to New Heights

By relying on the cloud to host your learning solution, you can also realize the well-documented benefits of cloud computing.

For one, cloud-based learning saves money by eliminating the need for software purchases, infrastructure investments, maintenance resources, and development costs. It also avoids the expenses associated with traveling to training sessions – and the hassles of scheduling them.

Second, it’s quick and easy to deploy. All you need is Internet access and a supported device.

What’s more, its on-demand accessibility and flexibility create an environment that encourages learning among users, regardless of their existing skill level or availability. Equipped with the right skill mix and knowledge to tackle new projects, your team members can drive performance to new heights and deliver real value to the business./wp-content/uploads/2014/08/experiencedbee_529922.jpg

Case Study: High Marks for Cloud-Based Learning at Peerless Clothing

Consider the impact of cloud-based learning at Peerless Clothing. As the largest producer of fine tailored clothing in North America, Peerless maintains an inventory of over one million articles. Quick turnover of that inventory is critical in the fast-changing fashion industry. To maintain its leadership position, Peerless operates to increasingly rigorous KPIs such as rapid shipping of replacement orders, optimal inventory accuracy, and reduced inventory days of supply. To meet those KPIs, the company continually upgrades the SAP software that runs its enterprise-wide operations.

Taking all team members offline for training on each software upgrade isn’t an option given everyone’s schedule and job demands. What’s more, different team members have different training requirements based on their existing roles, knowledge, and skill levels. With SAP Learning Hub, Peerless found a cloud-based, self-service learning solution that is readily accessible and easily customizable to meet its needs. The solution provides instant access to thousands of training options and a complete library of the most up-to-date material. Today, Peerless reports a dramatic reduction in training cost per learner. In addition, it has a year-round learning solution in place that empowers all personnel to keep their skills high and meet critical KPIs – even as critical IT systems evolve to meet emerging business demands.

Hear first-hand from Peerless Clothing about its experiences with SAP Learning Hub by watching the video.

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