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BW 740 known issues affecting BPC


We have a few documented BW 740 issues that can affect BPC. Check the list below, with the observed behavior in BPCand the related BW note to fix it.

  • NW 740 SP05 ( and corresponding SPs
    of other NW releases):

1. With DB6 Database, Environmentshell activation and any other model/cube may fail with DB2 error: “SQL1754N The index table space or long table space is not in the same database partition group as the primary table space”. DB6 Note 2035350 solves this issue, but can only be implemented as of BW740 SP07.

  • NW 740 SP06  ( and corresponding SPs of other NW releases):

1. There would be a dump if trying to delete an InfoObject. This means BPC dimensions cannot be deleted.  This occurs only on non-HANA databases. BW note 1956422 fixes this issue.

  • NW 740 SP07 ( and corresponding SPs of other NW releases, this solutions should come with BW 740 SP09):

    1. Newly created planning cube would be in ‘data loading’ mode instead of the expected ‘planning’ mode. BW note 2043190 fixes this issue.

    2. BAPI_IOBJ_GETDETAIL does not clear tables. The symptom of this issue at BPC side is that customer would fail to copy environments or create new models, and at ABAP side there would be dumps complaining duplicate keys. BW note 2042254 fixes this issue

    3. Transaction data records are written to planning cube incorrectly with space on some of the characteristics ( by checking the data records with transaction LISTCUBE). The symptom of this issue at BPC side is that though BPC confirms that data records are written, BPC cannot read the written data records ( in other words it appears to BPC that the data records are not written). BW note 2035451 fixes this issue.


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