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Often used PP reports in SAP Notes


Note no. Report Use Symptom valid for
1352231 – Correction: Goods receipt quantity and value in order ZPCON_076E correct GR quantity and value in
production order
Often used when you find the GR
quantity doesn’t match the actual GR qty. in material  documents
46C to 606
1631357 – Deletion of obsolete failed goods movments ZPCON_149 delete obsolete failed goods movements failed goods movement error records are not deleted when the confirmation is cancelled.
1640636 – Confirmation counter: Correction programs ZPCON_131D corrects both the confirmationcounter and the quantities, dates, and activities posted with the confirmation if the confirmation is a time ticket confirmation and if there is only one confirmation for the operation or for the phase.

You enter or cancel a confirmation for the operation or for the header of a production order, or for a phase or for the header of a process order.

This results in the runtime error SAPSQL_ARRAY_INSERT_DUPREC in the program SAPLCORV in the function module CO_RU_VB_CONFIRMATION_POST at the followingstatement:

INSERT afru FROM TABLE afru_i.

46C to 617
ZPCON_051 checks and corrects (if the UPDATE indicator is set) the confirmation counter in operations and phases. 46C to 617
ZPCON_018B checks and corrects (if the UPDATE radio button is set) the confirmation counter in the order header. 46C to 617
1513950 – Correction of confirmed quantities ZPCON_140 correct confirmed quantities One or more confirmations have been posted for operations of production orders or phases of process orders.
The confirmed quantities (yield, scrap, rework, where applicable) in the operation or phase data do not correspond to the actually confirmed quantities.
814768 – Missing goods movements: Correction report ZPCON_126 correct field AFRU-WABLNR if it is blank with reference to table AUFM you are not able to display related goods movements of the confirmation all
736018 – Activities missing from operation: Dump PARAMETERS_NOT_VALID



correct activity confirmation data in table AFRU. KBA 1886747 – PP : When to use
  report Z_UPD_ACT_IN_OPR / Z_UPD_ACT_IN_OPR_UNICODE from note 736018
1519359 – Correction of confirmed dates ZPCON_145 correct confirmed dates and times in operations or phases
1075272 – Report for determining the confirmed yield ZPCON_096 Correct confirmed quantities in the order header AFKO-IGMNG. You enter confirmations for the order header. On rare occasions, the system does not update the confirmed quantity in the order header (field AFKO-IGMNG) correctly. pilot 470 to 605
Z_AFKO_IGMNG_FIX determines AFKO-IGMNG from the
  last confirmed operation or phase.
112542 – CO11 w/ backflushed goods movement: Quantity withdrawn = 0 ZPPCON_124B reads the material documents for
  all reservations of an order and recalculates RESB-ENMNG and RESB-ENWRT.
The quantity withdrawn is zero when you confirm with backflushed goods movements. A trigger point is not triggered. 40B to 606
656469 – Correction report f. incorr. withdrawal quantities in order Z_PPCON_124 correct RESB-ENMNG and
  RESB-ENWRT with reference to material documents
the withdrawal quantity and the withdrawn value are incorrect for order reservations 40B to 606
155282 – CO docs for confirmations: Correction programs ZKAAFRU3 create missing CO document
  during order confirmation
incorrect or double documents were written for confirmations or CO documents for confirmations are missing 31H to 606
513786 – Dependent  goods movements are separated Z_DEL_REFBLN corrects AFFW-REFBLN If a COGI error with mvt type 262 cannot be processed for a collective order, you find the field AFFW-REFBLN refers to a document id which doesn’t exist 45A to 617
406522 – Co-/by-product: Quantity negative or deletion in the APO ZPPSFC106 repairs inconsistent
  reservations with negative qtys like RESB-ESMNG for co- and byproducts
In an order with co-products or by-products the header quantity is changed. Afterwards the quantity of an
order item is negative.For by-products, the quantity of the corresponding  reservation items is negative.

If the order is integrated with the SAP APO, the BOM item in question  disappears in the APO as your receipt quantity is no longer greater than zero.

As a consequence the system might generate short dump  DYNPRO_FIELD_CONVERSION during the confirmation in the goods movement overview or for a goods movement.

31I to 500
814180  – Goods movement overview: DYNPRO_FIELD_CONVERSION ZPSFC174A correct negative qty values in
  RESB. allows a selection with order number or with network number and
  requires the reservation number in the order or in the network.
Navigating to the goods movement overview when you confirm or pick a production order or process order triggers the short dump DYNPRO_FIELD_CONVERSION (runtime  error). 46C to 605
ZPSFC174B correct negative qty values in RESB. allows a selection with material number and is therefore also suitable for dependent requirements for product cost collectors.
553021 – Goods  movements for the order: Material document is missing

1898443 – Goods movements for the order cannot be displayed in t-code CO03

RIAUFM00 fill table AUFM from material document tables MKPF / MSEG you find material documents are
  missing in ‘documented goods movements’ in CO03
518496 – Report to create missing settlement rules ZPSFC040K create missing settlement rules 46B to 617
1493964 – CO02 / COR2: C2 327 Inconsistent data: &1, duplicate entry &2 ZPSFC171 corrects error C2 327 if there are double sequences. error C2 327 in CO02 or COR2
133342 – Repair report ERROR_BUILDING_ITAB/error C2 327 ZPSFC127 corrects error C2 327 if there are double operations error C2 327 in CO02 or COR3
1509809 – Set actual release date for released orders ZPSFC100B determine a missing actual release date if status change documents have been active when the order was released. A production order or process
  order has been released or partially released. The actual release date is
  missing in the order header.
94699 – Prod.order/network/proc. order: Objects w/o status object ZPSFC008B Corrects status objects (JEST, JSTO) of objects within production orders with incorrect status. In a production order/network/process order/maintenance order, there are objects for which no statuses exist. If you, for example, try to go to the operation overview, program termination “OBJECT_NOT_FOUND” occurs.

Furthermore, when updating a production/process order an update termination with message “SAPSQL_ARRAY_INSERT_DUPREC” can occur in program SAPLBOOK. This is caused by temporary status objects in the database.

30C to 617
635379 – Correction reports PPSFC087 and PPSFC111



Correction report PPSFC087 inserts missing entries into table RSPSP.

Correction report PPSFC111 deletes entries from table RSPSP if no corresponding entry exists in table RESB.

dump SAPSQL_ARRAY_INSERT_DUPREC in CO02 when inserting data to table RSPSP 45B to 617
69722 – Error TD607  during planned order conversion ZRESTEXT searches for long texts for production order reservations where the reservation doesn’t exist anymore and deletes them When you convert a planned order
  into a production order, the system issues error message TD607 when you save “I/O error for text AUFK xxxxxx MATK D”. The system may issue the
  error if the bill of material (BOM) contains items that have more than one
line of text.
30D to 617
182011 –  SEQ_NOT_FOUND / OPR_NOT_FOUND search&repair reports • ZRESSEAR



correct inconsistencies in order tables SEQ_NOT_FOUND / OPR_NOT_FOUND
  search&repair reports
30C to 606
73941 – CO02, CO03: Short dump SEQ_NOT_FOUND in SAPLCOBC ZREPRESB


correct inconsistencies in order  tables CO02, CO03: Short dump
1893567 – How to cancel DLT status of production orders or process orders. ZZSTATUSDEL cancel DLT status of production orders or process orders Note 191216 300 to 604
154933 – Assembly:Inconsistency after run of report SAPKKA12 ZZLOEVM revoke the deletion flag of the assembly production orders.  remove the  inconsistencies created by incorrect report SAPKKA12. status ‘Deletion flag’ is active for the affected assembly order, however, database field AUFK-LOEKZ is not set. 300 to 617
667876 – COOIS: Short dump when you select a variant ZPPSFC161

This report converts old selection screen variants of report PPIOH000  (release 4.6B and 4.6C), so they can be used with release 4.70.

  when using a variant in transaction CO28.

COOIS short dump when you select
  a variant during the IMPORT of the “P_FCTPAR” object.
470 to 606
434630 – Selection of current version returns incorrect entries




These reports check the document links of production orders.  Tables DRAD, DRAD_PORDER are checked. Short dump SAPSQL_ARRAY_INSERT_DUPREC may occur in the program SAPLCOVB (in the function module CO_VB_AFDLD_POST) when saving orders in CO01/CO02 46B to 616
126081 – Multi-level reduction of planned phantoms CORU_PHANT_REDUCT update withdrawn quantities for phantoms The system does not or not correctly update the planned phantom assemblies during the withdrawal posting of components assigned. 4.6 above
2191464 – Keine retrograde Entnahme wegen fehlenden Kennzeichens “Bewegung erlaubt” (RESB-XWAOK) ZPSFC010 set flag movement allowed ( XWAOK) if it’s not set all
2204341 – COGI: keine Bearbeitung möglich aufgrund von Fehler M7352 “Das System hat keine Materialnummer übergeben” Z_AFFW_FIX delete AFFW records without material number error M7352 in COGI all


Note no. Report Use Symptom
25444 – SDRQCR21:
  Recovery of sales and delivery requirements
SDRQCR21 recovery of sales and delivery requirements You find too many, too few or
  simply incorrect sales documents(quotation, sales order, scheduling
  agreement) or delivery requirements in MD04
1865330 – MRP: Performance issue – useful reports RMMDMONI compares the runtime of the MRP execution and also provides the total of planning elements (planned orders, purchase requisitions, etc) changed, created or deleted. It also shows which
  planning parameters where used and how much time MRP spent on each step (database read, BOM explosion, MRP calculation, scheduling, BAdIs, etc). With this information is possible to observe the relation of runtime and number of
  elements changed/created/deleted and also to see on which step MRP is taking more time.
for MRP performance
RMMDPERF shows the “material hit list”, that means, which materials had the highest runtime during the
  MRP execution and also on which step MRP is taking more time. Knowing which materials have the highest runtime, allow you to isolate the problem and reproduce it on MD03, where it is possible to run an ABAP or SQL trace for a more
  detailed analysis.
115899 – Correction report for subcontractor requirements RM06C020 delete dependent requirements for subcontracting purchase order proposals (planned orders, purchase requisitions, purchase orders, schedule lines). dep. Req. are not deleted in
  MD04 after subcon. PRs are deleted
1888035 – Trouble shooting for incorrect entries in transaction code MD04



delete dependent requirements
  for subcontracting purchase order proposals (planned orders, purchase
  requisitions, purchase orders, schedule lines).
Unexplained MRP elements in MD04
1630467 – Reports to clear inconsistency in tables MDLG and MDLL




clear the inconsistent data from tables MDLG and MDLL caused due to the reason mentioned in note 1378248 inconsistency found when
creating MRP areas


Note no. Report Use Symptom valid for
383141 – RM887, RM757: Collect. note inconsistent postprocessing recs ZINCON_REPROC clear inconsistencies between RESB and AFFW Error message RM887 or RM757 40A to  617
95307 – Deletion report for ‘lost’ reprocessing records ZRMBF06 checks for reprocessing records that have no link to any possible object (cost collector, sales order,  production lot, run schedule header. records are shown in MD04, but
  cannot be selected by MF47 or COGI
45B to 616


Note no. Report Use Symptom valid for
148632 – Incorrect results in capacity requirements planning ZKBEDREP or ZKBEDREP_NEW correct capacity requirements like KBED etc. Capacity requirements planning
  terminates with error message BS 001 “No status object is available for
  …” because incorrect status objects are stored in the database table KBED.

  due to an Insert into the table KBEZ.

300 to 617
553784 – Check report: Intervals of avail.capa consistency – calendar RCCYCALCHECK The report checks whether the valid end date of an interval of available capacity is within the area of validity of the factory calendar. inconsistency exists between intervals of available capacity of work centers or resources and the factory calendar. 30B to all
125465 – Problems/termination during capa. availblty (BS001) ZPSFC030 This report checks all capacities for order operation if the corresponding operation still exists When reading master data of a production order and branching to the capacity planning table afterwards, the system generates error message BS001:No status object is available for (xxx/yyy). 30D to 617

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