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  • Please introduce yourself and tell us how long you’ve developed with ABAP

My name is Gabriel SAULESCU, I am working as programmer from 1987, I start programming in dBASE 2.4, FoxBase, VisualFox, Cobol, Fortran and after  2000 I was programming in PHP/mySQL, HTML/CSS and Javascript, I learnt to programm in  CodeIgniter and from few months in Java. 

  • Did you know about Eclipse before you took this ABAP in Eclipse Explorer challenge?

I discover Eclipse few years ago but my first believe is too much for what I need in that moment.

When I was starting a course in SAP HANA Cloud, in June 2014, I discovered again Eclipse 🙂

  • Do you think the feature explorer is helpful to onboard new developers?

             ABAP in eclipse offers new perspectives. 

Excellent IDE for developers that already use eclipse.

  • What is your favorite feature of the beginners tour?

My favorites with ABAP in eclipse are code completion and the refactoring of variables.

  • Have you explored additional features of Eclipse that you like?

          Templates my be a good candidate for the next feature explorer.

          The delete unused variables is very useful       

  • Mention some ABAP developers in the community that should know ABAP in Eclipse. You can use “@” and then type their name so that they get notified when you mention them.

           I want to thank you to Thomas Fiedler for his nice work.


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