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Adobe form performance issue


This blog is about the Adobe eform performance issue that I came up recently and how it was solved.

The eform in question is Hiring eform, and it is developed in HCM forms and processes framework.

The form is big containing more than 5 pages and lot of user events. During the recent project client

asked to add some more sections to the exisitng eform. The new sections were added and when tested

after a specified number of user events the eform was blanking out. Means form was not visible only

a black screen was visible. Several options were tried out but without success. We approached SAP

also for the help.

After few initial suggestions which SAP suggested SAP pointed out the below option. This option is

present in the Default tab of Form properties.


This option was tried out and our blanking out issue was solved. You could do any number of events

in the form without issue. When you check this option Javascript variables are released after their use.

So memory management is better. Testing was done to make sure that nothing in form is affected due

to this change. You can find more information on this option in the below link.

LiveCycle ES2 * Adobe LiveCycle Designer ES2


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